Hairstyling Hacks: Get Great Hair in a Hurry


We all have those days: Forgot to set the alarm (or slept through it!)…there’s an early-morning item on the agenda…and now there are only a few precious minutes to get ready for your entire day!

If you’re like most of us, styling your hair is probably the biggest time-eater of all beautifying tasks. Whether you’re struggling to pull together a polished look for an early meeting or rushing to look your best for a last-minute date, a few hairstyling tricks in your arsenal can make all the difference—and perhaps allow you a few extra minutes to apply lipstick, repair a chip on your nails, or try on a different pair of shoes.

Knowing a few methods of beating the clock can also come in handy for stylists, who often are tasked with clients who need to be ready for an event in a time-crunched situation.

Here are a few of our favorite super-simple “hairstyle hacks” that will help you get gorgeous in a hurry.

Wash Only Your Bangs

Nothing spoils an otherwise pristine look quite as completely as dirty, greasy hair—and it’s a common dilemma to have. Maybe you were too tired to shower last night; or perhaps your crossfit class ran late in the morning and you didn’t have time for a shampoo afterwards. At any rate, washing and blow-drying your entire head of hair is a major commitment you just can’t afford when you are tight on time.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution: Wash your bangs only. Your bangs (or the front part of your hair) are the section that gets the dirtiest, since they are in contact with the oils from your face. Simply pull back your hair with an elastic and headband, pull out your bangs, and wash them over the sink. Blowing them dry should only take you a few minutes and you’ll have a fresh overall look. Leave the rest of your hair pulled back in a pony, braid, or bun; or let it down if it isn’t too dirty.

Put Your Braids to Work

Want to create pretty waves in a hurry? Try plaiting your hair into a number of braids. You can either do this with damp hair the night before—braid after blotting with a towel and then go to bed; simply undo the braids for instant waves. Or, if you’re working with dry hair, run a flatiron over the braids—you can also try simply twisting instead of braiding. Enjoy the results!

The Double-Pony Trick

Need to make your hair look longer and fuller in a flash? The double-pony trick is one of the quickest on record and creates a dainty, feminine look in no time flat. There are various tutorials on how to create a double pony; the basic instructions are to pull both the top and bottom parts of your hair into separate ponytails, then allow the top to fall over the bottom. You’ll marvel at the illusion of fullness—and it was so easy!

Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo

You’re probably already familiar with the convenience of dry shampoo, which absorbs sweat and oil from your hair and refreshes it when you don’t have time for a shower. Make sure to have some on hand for days in which you are rushing to beat the clock.

A tip: Dry Shampoos can have an odor that, while not unpleasant, doesn’t exactly resemble that of freshly washed hair. If you want to “hack” that showery smell, rub a few drops of essential oil into the ends of your hair—you can try citrus or eucalyptus to mimic the scent of your favorite “real” shampoo.

Bonus tip: If you have fine, slippery hair, give your bobby pins a spray of dry shampoo (or hairspray) before using them. The coating will make the pins tacky, giving them lasting “stay” power.

In a Huge Hurry? Scrunch It!

Here’s the easiest hack of all: If you’re in a tremendous rush and literally only have a minute, apply some beach spray or texturizing gel, scrunch your hair up in your hands, and give it a blast with your hairdryer, using a diffuser. You’ll end up with volume and waves without a grain of fuss.

Oops–look at the time! Are you running late? Better try one of these tips now!

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