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How Can I More Easily Wear Makeup With Oily Skin?

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Dealing with oily skin can be an absolute pain. It’s even more frustrating if you’re trying to handle oily skin and also apply makeup at the same time. Makeup can make oily skin problems even worse, which can be upsetting. The question, then, is how do you wear makeup when you’re also dealing with oily skin? These tips will make it much easier.

Moisturize and Hydrate Frequently

This tip can seem counterintuitive. After all, if you already have issues with oil, why would you add more moisture to your face? In fact, many oily skin problems actually stem from a lack of moisturization. If your skin isn’t getting enough moisture from outside sources, it’ll start overproducing oil, which will make your oily skin problems much, much worse. Treat your skin with moisturizer every day to keep the moisture levels healthy.

Try a Matte Primer

A matte primer is a great option if you tend to have an issue with makeup, especially foundation, sliding off your face. You put this on after you moisturize, but before you’ve put on any other makeup. It works well to keep the oil at bay and create a smooth, matte base upon which to build your makeup looks. Plus, you can even use it on its own for a natural “no-makeup” look. It’s a great option even for people who don’t have oily skin, but it pulls double duty with oil issues.

Look for Long-Wear Foundations

Oily skin causes more problems for foundations. Many people with oily skin find that their foundations start essentially disappearing after only a few hours. A long-wear foundation, even one that doesn’t state it’s for people with oily skin, can extend the life of your makeup by a very long time. If you can, avoid foundations with oil in the ingredients list. That’s not going to moisturize your skin. It’s just going to add to the oil.

Set With Powder or a Setting Spray

Matte primer makes sure you don’t start with an oily surface, and powder or setting spray makes sure you don’t end with one. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best final look, you definitely need to make sure you’re setting your makeup with something, and one of these can help beat back oil that comes up throughout the day. Many powders and setting sprays even come with formulations for oily skin specifically.

Use Blotting Papers Throughout the Day

Blotting papers should become your best friend if you’re looking for a way to avoid oil popping up throughout the day. These translucent, dry papers work to wick away oil from the top of your skin without also pulling away makeup. However, make sure you use them as the name suggests: blot, don’t wipe. Instead of wiping across your face and potentially messing up your makeup, you’re going to want to pat the papers across your face, letting them soak up the oil as needed.

Consult an Expert for More Personalized Makeup Tips

What if you’re following all these tips, but your face still looks oily by lunchtime? You may be dealing with a different issue that you can’t beat back just with changing your makeup strategies. Instead, consider consulting an expert to get more information about pro-level makeup tips you can use to reduce oiliness. The students at an Ogle School salon will make it easier for you to understand your current skin issues, which can help you combat them more effectively in the future.


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It’s definitely not easy to come up with a plan to combat oily skin, especially if this is an issue you’ve been dealing with your whole life. Instead of trying a variety of things with no success, you may just want to go straight to the experts. If you’re interested in getting professional makeup and you want to ask someone questions about your current makeup routine, you may want to try an Ogle School salon. That’s your best option for quick service and honest answers.

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