How to Add Warm Colors to Your Makeup This Fall

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Although everyone has some go-to styles, that doesn’t mean you have to stick the same thing every day. As the seasons change, so can your style. That can mean everything from extensive changes to subtle ones, but one of the best changes you can make is that of palette. It doesn’t mean you have to switch things up dramatically. Just add some warm colors to make your makeup feel like fall.

What Are Warm and Cool Colors?

The first thing to learn when you’re trying to create a warm fall palette is the difference between warm and cool colors. The difference comes down to color theory, which helps inform the way everyone understands colors. Even if you don’t know much about color theory, you can utilize it to split warm and cool colors in your makeup choices.

Warm colors include orange, red, yellow, and combinations of these colors. That includes everything from burnt sienna orange to bright Hollywood red. Cool colors, on the other hand, include blue, green, purple, and combinations of those colors, from light lavender to deep-sea blue. An easy way to tell the difference is that the first three colors of the rainbow are warm colors, while the last four are cool colors.

Why Do Warm Colors Work Well for Fall?

Warm colors inherently invoke a sense of coziness. Think about a bonfire, a cozy cup of tomato soup, or a sunset. These are all made up primarily of warm colors, usually colors that are on the darker end of the spectrum rather than the lighter end.

Fall is a time for coziness, and that’s why warm colors are so thoroughly associated with it. If you want to play into the season, it’s a good idea to start with these warm colors and build your makeup palette from there.

Can I Use Cool Colors as Well?

You shouldn’t rule out any colors when it comes to creating your style. Don’t refuse a blue eyeshadow just because it’s fall and you think you need to stick to warm colors only. Cool colors can have a big impact on your look, especially if they’re used as an accent to an otherwise largely warm palette.

A good way to choose cool colors in fall is to look at the current trends. Burgundy and maroon lipsticks tend to come into vogue during fall, even though purple is a cool color. However, these purple tones draw on red, which is itself a warm color, and dark tones, which coincide well with cozy warm colors. Don’t rule out these colors; just use them wisely.

Should I Keep My Skin Undertone in Mind?

Your skin undertone influences your makeup choices, and that applies even when you’re creating a warm fall-inspired palette. It’s always a good idea to consider your skin undertone when developing a new look, especially one inspired by the outdoors.

Even if you have a cool undertone, however, you can still create beautiful warm palettes. Steer more toward neutrals, such as warm browns, and try to throw in some accents that combine cool and warm colors, such as a deep wine red.

What Are Some Good Warm Color Pairings for My Fall Palette?

Color pairings can be tough to get right, but fall makes things very easy by giving you plenty of inspiration from the world around you. In general, if you can create a “woodsy” palette, you’ll be well on your way to creating a great warm color pairing.

Brown goes with just about anything, which is why it’s a great warm color to use in your fall palette. Make sure you pick up a warm red-brown rather than a cool blue brown. Although you can use cool browns to create a beautiful look, warm pairings should build on a warm base. Try creating smokey eyes that start with very dark brown, and try out brown and deep red lipsticks to stick to the theme.


Fall is the perfect time to start changing up your makeup a little, and when you use the outdoors for inspiration, you’re sure to find some beautiful warm colors. For some people, building a new makeup palette is difficult, but you might find that it comes to you naturally. If you love creating new looks and building on daring palettes, you might want to look into a cosmetology degree at Ogle School. It’s the perfect way to put those skills to work.

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