How to Add Warm Colors to Your Makeup This Fall

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How to Add Warm Colors to Your Makeup This Fall

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You may have some go-to makeup styles, but that doesn’t inherently mean that you should stick to exactly the same thing every day. You can change up your style regularly to ensure that you have the right style for a specific period, and adding some warmth to your makeup looks can really make your makeup feel like fall. Here’s a quick how-to.

What Are Warm and Cool Colors?

If you’re trying to create a warm fall palette, the first question you might have is, “What are warm and cool colors?” This has to do with color theory, which is a theory covering how your brain understands colors. Color theory informs your choice between warm and cool colors.

Warm colors are orange, red, yellow, and any combinations of these colors. Cool colors are blue, green, purple, and any combinations of those colors. The first three colors of the rainbow are warm, while the last four are cool colors.

Why Do Warm Colors Work Well for Fall?

Warm colors tend to evoke the feeling of fall because they feel almost cozy. When you think of a bonfire, a cup of tomato soup, or a sunset, you’re picturing warm colors, and typically the darker versions of these colors; lighter versions will often indicate a more springtime or summertime feel instead.

Fall is when you might start getting cozy in preparation for winter. It’s not so cold that you need to be completely bundled up, but it’s cool enough to start getting blankets and socks handy. If you’re trying to create a great look that makes people think of the fall season, these darker warm colors are a great starting point.

Can I Use Cool Colors as Well?

You don’t need to rule out cool colors when you’re crafting fall-inspired styles. Cool colors can work incredibly well as an accent in a makeup look that’s largely warm colors, and darker colors, especially colors that are mixed with these warm colors, can be a great starting point.

For example, burgundy and maroon lipsticks almost always start popping up during the fall, even though purple is a cool color. They draw on red, which is a warm color, and dark tones, which feel cozy, to evoke that fall feeling. All colors can be helpful when crafting this palette.

Should I Keep My Skin Undertone in Mind?

Your skin undertone can always influence your makeup choices, even if you’re trying to create a specifically warm palette. Whether you have a warm undertone or a cool undertone, you can craft a fall-inspired palette, but it’s a good idea to consider your skin undertone.

Consider trying more neutrals, like warm browns, so that your makeup look doesn’t seem tonally inconsistent. Additionally, colors that combine cool colors and warm colors, like the aforementioned burgundies and wine reds, can be a great choice.

What Are Some Good Warm Color Pairings for My Fall Palette?

Color pairings can be very difficult, but a “woodsy” palette is a great starting point for the fall. Here are a few color concepts to consider:

  • Brown goes with just about anything. Pick up a warm red-brown rather than a cooler blue-brown.
  • Look into deeper colors rather than lighter colors. Brighter colors can look more like springtime than you might be intending.
  • Look around you and select colors from nature. Dark greens, deep purples, and saturated oranges are all natural colors that can look beautiful.
  • Try out colors that mix browns and other colors, like burnt sienna and mahogany.


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Fall is a phenomenal time to change up your makeup look, especially if you’re interested in using the outdoors for inspiration. If you find that building this new makeup palette comes to you very naturally, you might be the perfect person to look into a cosmetology program at Ogle School. With this program, you can use your skills for your career.

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