The finished bejeweled look

How To Apply Rhinestone + Glitter Makeup With This Easy Tutorial

Light up the room with a sparkly display of glitter and rhinestones.

Before and after application

Makeup artist Maiko creatively draws on a deep understanding of costume makeup and a knack for design, demonstrating how to create a bejeweled, glimmery look using sequins, glitter, a brush, a spatula and glue. Photography by Aylen Diaz.

Use different size rhinestones

In this tutorial, we use teardrop and oval-shaped rhinestones for the application. To create an interesting design, we’re using varied silver, iridescent and holographic sizes. Reserve the larger rhinestones for the body.

Mark your center starting point

First, mark your starting point in the center of the forehead with a rhinestone. The center rhinestone will help you visualize a symmetrical design.

Use Mastic glue for strong adhesive

We use mastic glue for a strong adhesive that will last for hours. After applying the glue to the rhinestone, wait for two to three minutes before applying it to the skin. If the adhesive isn’t slightly tacky, it will slide off the skin.

Use different sizes and angles

When applying the rhinestones, angle the position to follow the curve of the eyebrows. For a dynamic aesthetic, vary the size of the rhinestone and maintain symmetry.

Frame eyes with rhinestones

Apply smaller rhinestones from the end of the eyebrow to the lower corner lid, framing each eye.

Create a triangle shape
Create a triangle shape

Once the face is bedazzled, use the same technique on the chest.

Glitter and gel mixture

Use a neutral gel blended with glitter in equal parts to create the mixture. Use a spatula for a smooth application.

Apply glitter with spatula

Fill in empty spaces between the rhinestones. Unleash your creativity with the finishing touches.

Hypoallergenic tap for clean lines

Tip: With hypoallergenic tape, you can create clean lines and angles to determine the design of your body.

Use fixative spray

Once your shimmery masterpiece is complete, use a fixative spray to stabilize your work.

The finished bejeweled look

Here’s the stunning, head-turning look!

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