Learn How to Create an Instagrammable Space

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neon background salon

Learn How to Create an Instagrammable Space

neon background salon
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The term instagrammable or Instagram worthy means a visually beautiful or captivating space worthy of photographing and posting to the social media platform Instagram. 

What does creating an instagrammable space look like?

It usually consists of garish splashes of color, tropical prints, a myriad of plants, and luxurious textiles. On the other end of the spectrum, an instagrammable space can be an interior design that evokes a transportive, moody aesthetic, like a neo-noir-inspired dark palette with opulent decor. Somewhere in the middle, an instagrammable space is elegant, understated, and trendy. Whether the designer opts for a light and airy look or a maximalist-inspired design, these bold and enticing backgrounds will invite patrons to snap a picture and post it on social media. The more aesthetically pleasing you make your space, the more prone people are to want to visit and document it. 

The post below is an excellent example of an elegant and understated small space. The image feels a little staged with the Louis Vuitton luggage nestled behind the trendy, millennial-coveted Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Adding those simple, albeit expensive elements will make the image chic.  

Attribution: @gamine_beauty

Whether for minimalist or maximalist design, there are ways to make both styles photograph well on Instagram. While you want to encourage clients to take photos in your space, you also want to work in an area that visually feels good for you since you will be spending most of your time there. Start looking for inspiration everywhere. You want to make a space that will appeal to you and aligns with your brand while being photogenic. 

Things to Consider Before Designing Your Space

  • Do you have ample space, or are you designing a small area?
  • Do you like colors that feel energizing or calming?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What’s currently trendy and timeless in interior design?
  • Will you take on the design project yourself or recruit/hire help?

The Los Angeles-based salon, The Powder Room, is beautiful inside and out; many client photos are taken outside in front of this charcoal brick wall, giving the whole image a simple, moody, and edgy aesthetic. Colored hair will pop in front of this backdrop. 

Attribution: The Powder Room Silverlake

If you have rented out a small space inside of a salon, then you don’t have to go overboard with decoration. Keep the design element interesting and incorporate your personality. Still, the critical aspect to consider when designing a salon or a space within the salon is that you have a lot of natural lighting, or the lighting there is very flattering to clients. Remember that the darker the shade, the smaller the room will feel. You can pull off a darker shade if you get plenty of natural lighting. 

Once you’ve designed a space that will not only attract people but compel them to take a selfie or photo, you can start sharing to the ‘gram!

The Miami-based salon, Dashboard, exhibits a lot of feminine flourishes throughout the salon. The important thing the salon established is a signature look, mainly through the pink and gold color palette. 

Attribution: @thedashbar

Share before-and-after images of your client in front of the instagrammable wall and always geotag and tag the client. If the client reposts the picture, then your space will eventually become more recognizable, and your work will also inspire other prospects to book an appointment with you. 

Create a DIY Space

Pinterest and online interior design pubs are great sources to tap into for a DIY project. Often, you can glean a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the desired look. 

A couple of coats of paint is the most economical and effective way to transform your space, so don’t shy away from using bold colors. After all, it’s just paint; you can always return to the original color or experiment with different swatches. 

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