How to Create Lemonade Braids

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before and after lemonade braids

How to Create Lemonade Braids

The side-swept flattering Lemonade braids take approximately seven hours to achieve and look their best for four weeks or longer, depending on the care and treatment. We will walk you through each step of how you can accomplish this look at home with the right products and techniques. 

Apply a styling gel for a sleek, long-lasting look before commencing. As you braid, continually smooth out the hair with your hairs for a polished and foolproof put-together look.

before and after lemonade braids

Step One: To achieve smooth and shiny braids, apply styling cream before you begin and spritz your scalp and hair with a moisturizing leave-in-conditioner.

Step Two:  Apply hair shine and holding gel throughout the areas you will be parting. Using a long tail comb, create a part on the side from the temple to the back of the hair. Secure the hair on top with diving clips for now.

Step Three: Braiding

A) Evenly separate the kanekalon into fine strands and set it aside.

B) For each braid, make the first twist without the kanekalon, using only the natural hair. Take a thin strand holding it against the scalp, and apply gel. Divide the strand into three parts. 

  1. Pass the left strand under the middle towards the right.
  2. Pass the right strand under to the left.
  3. Pass the middle strand to the right. 

Note:  Firmly grip the hair against the scalp throughout the braiding process, maintaining tension. 

C) Begin incorporating the kanekalon into each new twist by placing the kanekalon on the middle part of the intersection of the natural hair created in the previous step. 

  1. Combine the left section of the kanekalon with the left part of the natural hair.
  2. Combine the right part of the kanekalon with the right section of the natural hair. 
  3. Repeat the braiding pattern from the previous step. 

Note:  Continue braiding until complete. 

D) Once we get to the middle of the desired length of the braid, we stop adding strands of kanekalon, and continue braiding until finished.

Step Four: Use the first completed braid as a reference point and begin making dividing parts, from the back of the head to the forehead. In this tutorial, we use a diagonal braid design. Repeat the braiding process in each section.

Step Five:  Continue the braid design within the front section of the hair. 

Step Six: Complete the look on the remainder of the hair. Your braids should look like the bottom right photo when you are done.

Step Seven: 

To seal the ends, soak them in boiling water and gently towel dry the hair.

If you’re looking for more ways to style your hair, then check out a curation of the latest trends and tutorials on the Ogle School blog. 

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