Tutorial: How to Create Lasting Curls

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Tutorial: How to Create Lasting Curls


Loose Curls 01
Shine spray is a big help!

Creating textured bouncy curls is always timeless and is especially perfect for summer. Summer is here, and this tutorial will teach you how to keep your tresses looking moisturized and freshly curled. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Curling Iron
  • Detangling Comb
  • Shine Serum
  • Holding Spray
  • Sectioning Clips

You can attain a combination of curls from waves, coils, and corkscrew curls with the right tools and methods. This tutorial uses a wand to create a more tousled look. Before you begin, apply a heat-protective spray or serum to your hair to minimize heat damage. If your hair is thin, you can reduce how long you apply heat to the hair with the curling iron since thin hair will curl faster. 

Step One: Comb the hair with a detangling comb or brush to ensure the hair is smooth before you begin. Ideally, you want to shampoo and condition the hair the day before you style. 

Loose Curls 02

Step 2: Create a part just below the crown of the hair and secure the top part of the hair with a clip. 

Loose Curls 03
Drop down a 2″ section.

Step 3: Take a 2” section of hair and roll it around the curling iron wand while holding your curling iron perpendicular to the floor. 

Note: Prior to applying heat, use a heat-protective spray. 

Loose Curls 04
Curl from the top like so.

Step 4: Curl each section of hair. Move on to the top half of the hair and repeat curling each section of hair. Keep the width consistent with each section so you’ll have even curls. 

Tip: After applying heat and releasing the wand, holding the curl in its place with the fingers while it cools will help set the hair. 

Loose Curls 05
Clamp on the ends.


Loose Curls 06
Repeat repeat repeat!

Step 5:  Now that you’ve finished curling the hair, it’s time to separate each piece and relax the curls. Add a lustrous sheen to your hair with shine spray on the ends, gently massaging it into the hair. To avoid oily-looking hair, avoid spraying on the roots. If you have serum, use about a dime-sized amount. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls. Shine spray or serum is an essential step for extra shine.

Loose Curls 07

Loose Curls 08
Separate curls with fingers.

Step Six: After relaxing the curls, spray holding spray on styled hair for all-day hold. 

Loose Curls 09
Spray for long lasting hold.

With this easy-to-follow tutorial, you can achieve luscious-looking curls all day. Using a smaller curling iron will result in tighter curls, while a larger curling iron will give you bigger, more relaxed curls. Check out Ogle School’s Blog to see more tutorials on all of the latest trends

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