How to Create the Trendiest Y2K Hairstyles

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Sexy Y2K bandana hairstyle

How to Create the Trendiest Y2K Hairstyles

We’re recreating some of our favorite Y2K hairstyles. First up, the bubble braids look. With the help of our Ogle School tutorial, you’ll be able to bring this look to life.

Look One: Y2K Bubble Braids

Create center part with hair
Apply Amika Supernova Cream

Step One: Create a center part. To smooth out the hair and make a clean centerline, use Amika Supernova Cream.

Half up ponytails

Step Two: Use your fingers to guide the top front half section of the hair, on each side, up and secure with a rubber band.

Space out rubber bands

Step Three: Use the same rainbow-colored hair ties and wrap-around ponytails every three to four inches, creating a subtle ballooned effect between the rubber bands. For each ponytail, use the same corresponding color.

Hair tie ponytail sections
Puff hair in each section

Step Four: With fingers, take each section between the hair ties and gently pull hair out to puff hair and create a balloon effect.

Curl hair with waving wand

Step Five: Using a waving wand, curl the remainder of the untied hair in the back for extra style and finesse.

Step Six: Finish the look with a volumizing spray.

Y2K bubble ponytails and waves

The final result is a playful, Y2K bubbled double ponytail with wavy tresses—perfect for any texture of hair. 

Look Two: Y2K Space Buns

Y2K bubble ponytails and waves

Step One: Comb the hair with a detangling brush and create a center part.

Make a zigzag hairline

Step Two: Create a zigzag from the front edge of the hairline to the nape of your neck using the pointy end of the comb. 


Step Three: Separate each side of the hair with your hands.

Comb hair into ponytails
Zigzag high double ponytails

Step Four: Using a brush, smooth hair into two high ponytails, maintaining zigzags.

Twist hair into buns

Step Five: Twist each ponytail and roll up the twisted hair in a loose bun. Make sure to secure each bun with a bobby pin.

Add butterfly accessories to hair

Step Six: To zhoosh up the look, pin butterfly or other decorative accessories next to each bun.

Y2K space buns

Channel Princess Leia and the popular Y2K style with these adorable, butterfly-adorned space buns. 

Look Three: Y2K Bandana Hairstyle

Curl hair for volume

Step One: Use a wave wand or curling iron to create soft waves for extra volume, texture and style.

Wrap bandana around head

Step Two: Using your hands, separate hair strands in the front from the remainder of the hair in the back. Fold the bandana in a triangle and wrap around the head. The triangle shape should fall over the back of the hair.

Y2K bandana hairstyle with waves

Step Three: Puff the hair with hands to add volume for casual, beachy-looking waves.

Sexy Y2K bandana hairstyle

The final result is sexy, sultry and undeniably revived from the 2000s. 

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