Before and After Cut

How To Cut and Style a Face-Framing Pixie Cut With Mullet Bangs

Transform your hair with a short, sweet pixie cut and add pizazz with mullet bangs!

Before and After Cut

Trade in your long bangs for mullet-inspired bangs. Our stylist Filosofia Peluqueria will guide you through every step. Photographed by Aylen Ile Diaz.

Comb hair forward

Before cutting, wash the hair and comb the front part of the hair forward.

Divide hair in horseshoe section

While the hair is still wet, divide the hair into a horseshoe-shaped section. If the hair is fine, the horseshoe line should be higher; however, the horseshoe line should be lower if the hair is thicker. Create a line from each side of the ear to the horseshoe line. Comb these sections of hair forward.

Cut bangs above eyebrows

Using a comb to smooth the hair out and over the forehead, begin trimming the bangs in a straight line. The length of the bangs should reach right above the eyebrows.

Create a middle part

Create a middle part in the hair, dividing the hair equally on both sides.

Cut hair parallel to head

Use a comb to lift the top layer of the hair on each side of the head, pinch the end of the hair between the index and middle finger, and cut parallel to the center part. In this tutorial, we use a pointcut technique at an angle.

point cut hair within horseshoe

Take sections of the hair on each side of the parting line and point cut the hair 90 degrees from the head within the horseshoe section.

Apply wax to wet hair

Add wax to damp or dry hair to style. Adding wax to wet hair will help add volume and structure.

Blow dry and style

Finish the cut by blow drying and styling hair.

Sleek and stylish pixie mullet

Reinvent your look with this sleek pixie-mullet with an edge. 

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