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How to Cut Bangs for Curly Hair

Bangs with curly hair can be a little unruly but beautiful, wild, and sultry. You’ll need good shears and a step-by-step guide on cutting fringe that coils stylishly down your forehead to pull it off. 

Whether you have a head full of ringlets, long, thick waves, corkscrew, or kinky curls, each coil is a unique trait of your hair and can make for a stunning, versatile fringe style. 

Curls are effectively wild and playful and can showcase face-flattering fringe. Some of our favorite celebrities rocking all-over curls include Zendaya channeling 1980’s coils with eye-grazing curls, Rihanna sporting a playful and flirty full-of-curls fountain high ponytail and a curly fringe,  Kerry Washington wearing a sexy full fringe of ringlets with a voluminous curly lob, Taylor Swift with cascading spirals of golden locks, looking svelte and timeless, and Salma Hayek in her heyday adorned with full,  beachy waves and side-swept bangs. 

We rest our case for curls since all the evidence points to having curly bangs being wholly versatile and chic, sexy, elegant, and timeless. 

Follow along to cut your bangs in these next steps. 

before and after

This model’s delicate features and big, almond-shaped eyes look lovely in her devil-may-care, green-toned curls in the before picture. The after showcases a sweet and punk chic wavy fringe that we’ll show you how to achieve in this tutorial. You’ll need a tail comb for parting, a water spritz bottle, shears, a blow dryer, and a curl diffuser adapter (optional). 

spritz and comb

Step One:  Part your hair down the middle and comb your bangs forward, creating a triangle from the top of your head to each side of the temple. Mist the hair you’ll be cutting while using a comb to distribute it evenly. 

snip straight across

Step Two: Cut the bangs along the natural position of the hair in one straight line, using a comb to hold the hair while point cutting and keeping the shear parallel with the hair while making snips.

 part and coil

Step Three: Reference the point of the triangle, and part the bangs in three sections. 

raise and cut bangs

Step Four: Raise each lock of hair to 45 degrees, pinch the ends between the index and middle fingers, and point cut straight across.

the final look

Step Five:  Blow-dry the hair and style. Using a diffuser attachment for curly hair is optional. 

styled curly fringe

Hair by Filosofia Peluqueria and photographed by Aylen Diaz.

Curly hair is head-turning, beautiful, and so versatile. Permed and natural curls come in many textures and lengths. The model sports a confident, cute, and sexy pixie cut with wavy tresses in this tutorial, but curly bangs can come in many different shapes, lengths, and colors. There are numerous ways to style curls: naturally air dry, diffuse, fluff, apply spiral spritz, scrunch, or braid and twist into a beautiful updo. 

Are you inspired to cut your hair often? Do you find a muse in every person with a different texture and hair type? Check out our muses in the Beautiful Story Series, presented by Ogle School. 


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