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How to Ensure You And Your Hairstyling Clients are On the Same Page

Hairstylist talking to client
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As a cosmetology student, you learn that good communication skills are necessary when working as a hairstylist. But even those who communicate well can sometimes have difficulty with understanding what their clients want. If you are looking for ways to improve your hairdressing consultation skills, here are some helpful tips to ensure you and your clients are always on the same page.

Helpful Tips for All Hairstylists That Will Ensure Client Satisfaction

There’s more to a hairstyling appointment than simply cutting, dyeing or styling your client’s hair. Here are a few helpful suggestions that your educator may not always include in your classes at hair school. These tips will help guarantee your client will be happy with the results of their visit.

Do Not Go Straight to the Chair

It’s essential to talk business first before you take the conversation to a more personal level. After you introduce yourself to your client, start talking to them in the lobby or sit down in the waiting area where you can speak to them at eye level. That shows your client that you are willing to listen to everything they have to say.

Take Notes During the Consultation

Use a clipboard or notepad to take notes during your hair consultation with your client. Take note of how they are wearing their hair when they arrive at the salon. That is usually how they style their hair daily and will give you an idea of a hairstyle or cut that will work well with their usual look. You can use the notes to refer back to while creating the perfect style for them. It will also be a valuable tool to look back on for recurring appointments with the same client.

Questions to Ask During the Consultation

It’s always important to ask plenty of questions during the consultation. The answers will give you a clear picture of what your client has in mind. Here are a few suggestions for questions you should add to your consultation form.

Do You Have Any Reference Photos For the Style You Want?

Clients will often get an idea for their new hairstyle from a magazine or a celebrity from their favorite TV show. If they bring in a photo or have an image on their phone of what hairstyle they have in mind, it can help you. Ask if they have more than one photo or have several different ideas in mind so you can help them narrow down their choices for the perfect look.

What Do You Currently Like or Dislike About Your Hair?

Asking your client what they like or don’t like about their current hairstyle will allow them the opportunity to open up and give you a better idea of what styles to avoid. If they mentioned a time when they loved how their hair looked, ask if they have a photo to show you.

What Is Your Budget for Today?

That is a critical question you should always address during each consultation. It can help your client avoid any potential shock when they are checking out and will also ensure there is no confusion between the two of you. You should always be open about your pricing and be flexible with your services so your clients can stick to their budgets.

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