How to Make Your Dyed Hair More Healthy

Steps for protecting dyed hair
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As much as it can really change your look, dyeing your hair isn’t great for it. No matter how healthy your hair is or how well you take care of it, a dye job will cause at least some damage. However, you can mitigate that damage if you’re willing to take a few steps to enhance your dyed hair’s health. It may be a little more work, but your hair will thank you for it. With these tips for healthy hair both before and after, you’ll be able to go into the dyeing process with confidence.

Before You Dye

Maintaining your dyed hair starts before you ever dye it. If you have the healthiest hair possible before you start your dyeing process, the damage done to it will matter less. However, if your hair is already damaged, you risk making that damage worse and intensifying any problems you might have during the dyeing process.

Remember to maintain your hair care routine in the weeks leading up to the dye. A week or so before the dye, you may want to do a more intensive care routine, including something like a nourishing hair mask. Also remember that for any sort of significant dye jobs, you really want to go to a salon rather than attempting it yourself at home; you’ll leave with exactly the color you want and less lasting damage.

Immediately After Dyeing

Step one, of course, is to take your stylist’s recommendations. Your stylist knows what’s best for the specific dyeing process they’ve used, so you should defer to those suggestions first. When your stylist suggests a specific salon shampoo to keep your lovely locks looking just right, take that suggestion. offer better protection and higher ingredient saturation, making them better for your freshly color-treated hair.

As much as there are certain things you should do right after you dye your hair, there are just as many things you shouldn’t do. Even if you’re not going to buy a salon shampoo, go out and buy a shampoo specifically for color-treated hair; don’t just keep using the same shampoo. You may even want to reduce the amount of shampoo you use to keep your color in longer. Additionally, don’t shower in super-hot water. Use lukewarm water to avoid stripping color faster.

Long-Term Care

Your brand new hair color won’t last forever, but if you take advantage of some pro tips and tricks, it can at least last for a while. If you’re going to style your hair with heat, make sure to use heat-protecting products. With the existing damage of dyeing, heat damage can multiply exponentially and cause very serious long-lasting damage.

It’s also important that you follow all the same tips and tricks as usual to achieve healthy hair. Keep up a rich diet to offer your body all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Don’t skimp on deep treatments and hair masks, especially those that offer special benefits for color-treated hair. Lastly, even if you didn’t always use conditioner with your natural hair, always add a color-safe conditioner after shampooing color-treated hair.


Keeping your dyed hair vibrant
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It’s not impossible to have a healthy head of dyed hair. Even though dyeing does do damage to your hair, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can mitigate the damage and return your hair back to its natural, healthy state as much as possible. It’s just important that you know those tricks and understand how to use them. One of the best ways to create a hair care routine for your color-treated hair is to dye your hair at an Ogle School salon. When you find an Ogle School salon near you, you’ll leave with a gorgeous dye job and a full slate of tips to help you keep that dye in as long as possible.

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