how to properly cut bangs

Learn How to Trim Your Bangs at Home

how to properly cut bangs

Learn how to achieve this face-flattering asymmetrical fringe cut we’ve gleaned from this easy, step-by-step tutorial.  

What You’ll need for DIY Side Swept Bangs

  • Hair clip
  • Rag tail comb
  • Shears

Create triangle in fringe section

Step One: Comb the hair into a center part. Create a triangle sub-section in the fringe area with the end of the rag tail comb.

clip the hair

Step Two: Pull the hair forward and secure it with a clip.

spray with water

Step Three: You can do a wet or dry cut. Note: If you cut the hair wet, it will be shorter once it’s dry, so use caution and cut less. Spray hair with water.

smooth out hair

Step Four: Divide the triangle in half and clip the top half. We’ll be trimming the bottom half first.

locate reference point

Step Five: Locate the reference point of the face. The reference point is where the length of the bangs will be at the shortest length since we’re cutting side-swept bangs. Your reference point will depend on the shape of your face. In this tutorial, the stylist uses her lips as a reference point. 

run comb through the hair

Step Six: Run the comb through the hair, pinching that section of the hair between the middle finger and the index finger.

locate reference point

Step Seven: Pull the fingers down to the reference point, which is the lips in this tutorial. 

direct hair to side

Step Eight: Determine what side of your face you want your bangs swept to. In this case, the model parts to the right side. If you determine your part is on the left, bring your bangs to the right side of your face. Cut the hair on the opposite side of where you usually part. Once you release the hair, it will fall to the desired side of your face in a side-swept angle from the shortest to longest length draping down the side of the face.  

Again, always cut your hair on the opposite side of your face from where your bangs usually are. 

cut hair horizontally
Step Nine:  Get ready to cut! While pinching hair, hold scissors at a horizontal angle, parallel with your fingers pinching the section of hair. 

trim hair straight across

Step Ten: Cut the hair straight across, under your fingers, to line up with your reference point. Cut the hair close to your face for side-swept bangs.

release hair after cutting
Step Eleven:  When you release the hair from your grip, the shortest part of your bangs will be closest to your reference point, while the longest will be down to your chin. 

unclip second section
Step Twelve: Unclip the section of the hair in the fringe section and repeat the same steps.

direct hair to the side of face

Step Thirteen:  Brush the hair down and direct the hair to the opposite side of where you usually part.

cut hair along reference point

Step Fourteen: Trim straight across, using the reference point as a guide.

point cut hair

Step Fifteen: Blend the bangs by point cutting. Point cutting is a method of cutting where you hold the scissors vertically so that the point of the scissors is snipping the hair. Make small up and down motions with your shears, snipping when the point goes up. 

bangs final result

A good side-swept can be achieved without leaving the comfort of your home in no time! This style is sexy and versatile and looks flattering on most face shapes.   

If you are looking for more styles to spice up your look, look no further. Check out this blog to get more tips on all things beauty

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