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How to Properly Wash Makeup Brushes

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When it comes to painting a canvas, you need high-quality brushes. In makeup, you need awesome makeup brushes. Makes sense, right? But just like with any tool, they need tender lovin’ care and you better give that to your makeup brushes. Otherwise, they will cast a spell on you that will make your face breakout! So, here’s how toproperly clean your brushes to make sure they are bacteria-free and that you stay zit-free!
Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Let’s go!

Step 1
Get your hands on Dawn anti-bacterial dishwashing soap, olive oil, a plate and some paper towels. Makeup gurus recommend using Dawn dish soap for its powerful degreasing properties.

Makeup Brushes 01
Things you need to clean your makeup brushes.

Step 2
Pour in some liquid soap and then pour olive oil on the other side. Do you see that part where the soap and oil meet? Swirl your makeup brush there and swirl some more until you feel you’ve got enough product in there.

Makeup Brushes 02
Use Dawn liquid soap and olive oil together.

Step 3
Now to actually get rid of the grime and dirt, you have to swirl the brush at the palm of your hand. Just swirl and swirl until you feel like you’ve cleaned it enough. After that, repeat Steps 1 to 3 with all the brushes you have.

Makeup Brushes 03
Swirl the makeup brush on your hand.

Step 4
Once you’re done cleaning them, it’s time to rinse them. Only use lukewarm water as this is the best temperature for your makeup brushes’ bristles.

Also, make sure that the brush is pointing downwards with the bristles at the bottom. Never hold the makeup brush the other way, water will go into the brush damaging the glue that holds the bristles together. No!!! It will destroy your precious brushes.

Makeup Brushes 04
Rinse the soap and oil with lukewarm water.

Step 5
What is that purple glove you see? Well that’s a spa cleaning glove and it will really help clean and rinse your brushes properly. Just wear the glove and start swirling away!

By the way, you can also use this in Step 3 because, sometimes, the bristles can hurt the hand and if you’re cleaning a lot, your hand may take a beating.

Makeup Brushes 05
You can also use a spa cleaning glove for easier cleaning.

Step 6
If you’re done rinsing the brush, squeeze the bristles to remove excess water. This will make drying easier and faster.

Makeup Brushes 06
Squeeze the excess water out.

Step 7
Yaaasss! You’re almost done. All you have to do is dry the brushes with a paper towel and let them air dry. Look at them all lined up, they know what you did and they love you for it!

Makeup Brushes 07
Use paper towel to pat the brushes dry.

Cleaning your brushes may feel like a chore at first, but you’ll see that you’ll be able to enjoy the process knowing that you’ve shown deep affection for them. And your well cared-for brushes will return the love once they do their jobs and help make you even more beautiful!

Put those makeup brushes to work and try some subtle contouring for an everyday look.

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