How To Tint Your Brows: A Tutorial

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How To Tint Your Brows: A Tutorial

Eyebrow tinting or dyeing is used to shape the brow and give the brows the appearance of looking fuller. Coloring your eyebrows is ideal if you have pale-colored brows or a small window of time to get ready in the mornings. Once you dye your eyebrows, you don’t have to fuss over defining and filling in your brows during your makeup routine. Dyeing your eyebrows leaves your natural brows looking fuller and helps frame your face. The baby hairs in your eyebrows that usually go unnoticed are colored, making the overall look appear fuller.

Before commencing the brow tinting process, make sure to prep your brows. Comb through the hairs to ensure an even distribution of dye. You are using a Q-tip, a dab of Vaseline, or a tear-free conditioner closely around the outline of the brow to prevent the area around the hair from staining. This step is optional, as the dye will eventually rub off with soap, water and face cleanser. The whole process will take 20 minutes from start to finish.  

As a rule of thumb, always choose a color that’s two to three shades lighter than your natural brow if you are going for an au natural look. If you have blonde eyebrows or the desired effect is dark eyebrows, you can choose to go a shade or two darker.  

You can see the model in this tutorial already has full, well-shaped eyebrows in the before and after comparison. She’s opted for a fun and bold pink to apply to her brows.

Step One: Prepare the color mixture with equal parts dye and volume oxidate—one gram each.

Creating the dye mixture

Step Two: Apply the dye to each eyebrow using a brush. You can also opt to use a clean paintbrush for precision or a disposable orangewood stick. Follow the shape of the eyebrow when applying the color. Apply the color on both sides of the hair.

Applying the color to brows

Step Three: Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes. When using semi-permanent dye, the color will only remain on the skin for one to two weeks. The hair dye will fade from the skin as your skin cells renew. Most people like the dye-stained skin effect, as it adds more depth to the brows. As pictured above, you can do one eyebrow at a time or both at once.

Leave dye on brows

Step Four: Using a damp towel or sponge, remove the tint using water and soap, being careful not to get the color in your eyes.

Remove dye from brows

The result is fun and fiery, and the model perfectly achieved a flattering, pretty-in-pink look.

the finished look

The Benefits of DIY Eyebrow Dyeing:

  • You can save the time it takes to make an appointment, drive to the salon, and get your eyebrows done by a specialist by doing it yourself.
  • You can save anywhere from $15 to $30 on services.
  • If you already have the supplies, you can tint yourself at your convenience.
full look with pink brows

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