Increase your Social Media Engagement

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makeup tutorial with ring light

Increase your Social Media Engagement

makeup tutorial with ring light

The secret to success in growing a social media following is nothing novel or surprising–post consistently and frequently, engage with your customers and produce good content. 

In the past, would-be influencers would spend time combing through hashtags and liking every relevant post they saw. While that might temporarily grow your following, in the end, it won’t build a meaningful following. 

Instead, consider following other companies that complement your business and inspire you. Engage in their posts by starting a conversation and commenting, not simply liking them. Ideally, you should be wholly devoted to the social media platform you want to grow your following to see favorable results. It’s a lot of work, and you might find that you don’t have the time to pour your efforts into social media, which is why many people hire social media managers whose sole role is to alleviate that work.

How to Engage Your Followers

If you’ve ever found yourself falling down the rabbit hole on Instagram’s explore page of beauty videos and products, you’re certainly not alone. From a product’s packaging to the demonstration and presentation, products we discover online can easily sell us. 

Create a visually-appealing feed. People exploring Instagram are drawn to attractive images. Having a mix of stills and videos is ideal. Post on stories several times a week at the minimum to encourage engagement. Interact with your followers through comments and DMs, and if you own a salon or retail shop, keep the conversation going by following each other on social media. This is a meaningful way to create connections and find your target audience. 

Building a feeling of community with your following makes them feel like your space is a good place to return to. Tag clients in your posts and create fresh content using reels, stories, and posts. 

Keeping Your Followers Engaged

Once you have the attention and interest of your followers, you’ll want to maintain a loyal community. Evolve with your audience. If you post the same sort of content all of the time, eventually, it may not stick with all of your followers. 

Attribution: @bighairloudmouth

The most recognizable thing about Nilu Yuleena Thapa platform is her bold, bright, colorful feed. She also is beautiful with flawless skin, so while there’s a worldly appeal to her travel photos, her makeup and hair videos are technically advanced tutorials that keep her beauty fans interested. 

Attribution: @dodgygrl

Makeup artist, Lindy, has a well of creativity that she unleashes on her Instagram feed regularly. Her aesthetic is bold, neon-toned costume makeup, and she serves a different look, just as fun and creative as the last one. If you have a knack for coming up with out-of-the-box looks, show off that skill. Not every makeup artist can pull off these niche looks, but there’s a market for it. If you can produce these styles, you can find your people on social media. 

Attribution: @hairitagebymindy

Hairitage by Mindy content isn’t as stylized, but her feed promises tutorials, such as how to volumize your hair with a blowout brush while promoting her new and older products. Mindy keeps the content fresh and moving. 

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