Incorporate Sunscreen Into Your Daily Routine

Interesting Ways to Incorporate Sunscreen Into Your Daily Routine

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Sunscreen is a requirement when it comes to keeping your skin safe. UV rays are responsible for skin cancer, premature aging, sun spots, wrinkles and other problems, all of which you should definitely take very seriously. However, too many people don’t really think of sunscreen when they think about their everyday skin care routine. You should be applying sunscreen every day. Here are some ways you can incorporate sunscreen into your routine more effectively.

Switch Out for Products With Built-In SPF

Small amounts of SPF are better than no SPF. After all, the more protection you have, the better off your skin will be. Although according to experts, you should ideally wear sunscreen underneath your makeup, most people won’t take the time to do that every day. Plus, it’s nigh impossible to reapply every few hours.

Instead of just giving up and going for no SPF protection, switch out your current products for those with SPF protection. For example, you can find SPF moisturizers that you can use to combine your moisturizing and sunscreen steps into one.

Think About Your Lips

You might not think about your lips often when it comes to sun protection. However, because the skin on your lips is so thin, your lips are actually at very high risk of sun damage. That means you need to think about SPF protection for your lips even more than you might for other areas of your body.

The good news is, there are SPF lip balms and even lipsticks. As people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of protecting your lips from UV damage, it’s now more common than ever to find lip balms and lipsticks with some level of SPF. Choose one of these, especially if you’re going to be out in the sun for much of the day.

Protect Your Hands

Your hands are another important component of keeping yourself safe from UV rays. This is especially true when it comes to your palms, which have a very limited natural ability to protect themselves from the sunlight. That’s why SPF protection is important everywhere.

Protecting your hands typically starts with something like a lotion or moisturizer with SPF protection. Typical sunscreens can sometimes feel too oily or leave too much of a residue, so look for a hand sunscreen that will protect your hands while still allowing you to hold things tightly.

Add an SPF Setting Spray

This isn’t typically a great option for SPF protection, especially if you’re using it exclusively. However, as stated before, it’s better to have only a little SPF protection than absolutely no protection. Especially if you pair it with other makeup products that have SPF protection, it can be useful.

SPF setting sprays have the added bonus of offering reapplication options. You can’t typically apply more moisturizer on top of foundation, or more foundation when the rest of your makeup’s already done. Setting sprays, however, allow you to reapply when you need more.

Reapply Regularly

This is a tip that even many people who use sunscreen regularly don’t take. Unfortunately, it’s common for a person to put on sunscreen in the morning, then not reapply it at all throughout the day. This often leads to sunscreen that doesn’t actually protect you from UV rays as well as you think it is.

Experts typically recommend reapplying sunscreen every two to three hours you’re in direct sunlight. For your body, you can probably apply traditional sunscreen. For your face, that may mean applying setting spray again. Either way, think about how you can apply another coat of sunscreen every few hours you spend outside.


Incorporating sunscreen into your routine
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Sunscreen should certainly be part of your everyday routine. Whether you tend to wear a lot of makeup, you usually stick to natural-looking makeup, or you barely wear any makeup at all, you should think about how your skin is able to stand up to the sun’s rays.

If this has gotten you to start thinking about the science of skin care, you’re not alone. Skin care is an endlessly interesting concept, and there’s a lot more to learn. That’s exactly what the field of esthetics is all about. Whether you’re an aspiring skin chemist, someone who wants to help people keep their skin healthy, or somewhere in between, look into Ogle School’s esthetics program to learn more about how you can make that your career.

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