Is a Salon Better Than a DIY Solution?

Is a Salon Better Than a DIY Solution?

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Salons have always competed with DIY options when it comes to hair care. For some people, DIY options are cheap and fast, exactly what they’re looking for. However, it’s well known that a salon treatment is more professional and likely to give you a healthy head of hair. Despite that, a surprising amount of people prefer to do their own hair on the cheap rather than go to the salon. Here are a few things to think about the next time you’re deciding between a DIY fix and a trip to the salon.

Do You Need Specialized Hair Care?

Certain types of hair need specialized treatment. While you can usually DIY your management of thin, straight hair that’s overall healthy, hair with more curl, more damage, or more bulk will often need an expert’s touch.

A salon visit is typically the only way to be sure your hair is getting the ideal treatment. Although you can get products that will help you manage certain conditions, your best bet is always going to be an expert using expert-level products. A professional stylist will know exactly how to work with your hair, regardless of your issues.

Are You Doing Something New?

If you’re dying your hair for the first time, or you’re going from very long to very short hair, many things could go wrong. It’s not something you’re used to, and therefore, you’re more likely to make a wrong move. You can recover quickly from many missteps, but an egregious hair care error could cause near-permanent damage.

Salon help is especially important if you have hair that’s prone to breakage or general damage. If you’re going to be doing something that’s high stakes, you don’t have much room for error. Even if you only go to a salon the first time you do something new, it reduces your chances of making a mistake next time, because an expert will walk you through the procedure and offer guidance.

What Is Your General Hair Care Routine?

If you tend to spend more time on your hair, you’re more likely to be able to adapt to other types of hair care. In addition, you likely have healthy hair, so it should be forgiving of any mistakes. Even the healthiest, most well-cared-for hair can benefit from salon treatments, but it can also handle DIY solutions easily.

On the other hand, you’ll probably need to visit the salon if you’re making any sort of big changes with hair that’s already damaged. A stylist can help breathe some life into your hair, or help you determine how to handle hair that’s too far gone for preventative treatment. Then, you’ll be able to get information on how to keep your hair from getting to that point again.

Is It High Stakes?

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There’s more room for error if, for example, you’re only cutting a few inches off your hair, or you’re dying your hair a natural color without bleaching it first. Even if you do make a mistake, you’re more likely to be able to cover it up or fix it without any big issues. Substantial changes aren’t as forgiving! If you’re planning to go from long hair to a pixie cut, or you’re dyeing your hair a non-natural color, there are more places where something can go wrong, and more unmanageable mistakes you can make.

When you only have one chance, you should hand that chance over to a stylist. Stylists have expert knowledge that you just don’t have, and they’ve probably performed the exact style you’re looking for hundreds of times. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake, because a professional is managing your hair for you.

So, is a salon visit worth it? Typically, a salon visit will make your hair much more manageable, even if it’s already healthy. Healthy hair can benefit from regular salon visits, but it’s also more likely to stand up well to DIY treatments. If you’re working with damaged or difficult hair, or you’re introducing a new tactic to your hair, you’ll always want to work with a salon.

If you’re having a hard time finding a stylist, stop by an Ogle School salon near you. You’ll get expert assistance with all your hair issues.

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