Is Long or Short Hair the Best Choice During School?

The new school year has just started, and for many people, that means a new style. One of the most important parts of your style is your hair. Deciding whether to grow it out or cut it short can change your look dramatically.

If you’re not completely committed to your current hairstyle, you may have considered growing your hair out or cutting it. Although cutting it is a drastic change, growing it out can also change your look, just over a longer period. Which one is better: long hair or short hair? As you might expect, there are pros and cons to each.

Long Hair: The Pros

People grow out their hair for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that it opens the door to many more styles. You can’t make a bun, get the long ponytail effect, or create a mermaid braid with short hair, after all. In addition, if you get too hot, you can always pull it up, which makes for a lot of versatility with your look. If you love expressing yourself at school with your styles, these are excellent arguments for long hair.

Long Hair: The Cons

Of course, there are some things about long hair that aren’t so beloved. The most prominent is that it takes a lot of work to care for long hair properly. Long hair is more prone to tangles, and impatiently tugging a brush through your hair can seriously damage it. In addition, it can be harder to clean, especially if you already have coarse or thick hair. Even just a basic long hairstyle can take a bit of extra time, which isn’t always the best when you’re scrambling to get ready for school in the morning.

Short Hair: The Pros

One of the things that people notice almost immediately when they make the jump from long hair to short hair is that it’s much easier to maintain. With a short enough style, you only have to run a comb through it and go. Shower hair care is a breeze, and you don’t have to worry about whether the wind, rain, or sun is going to end up ruining your carefully created style.

Short Hair: The Cons

The tradeoff with short hair is that you have fewer options when it comes to style. You’re mostly going to create a style when you cut your hair, and although you can change it a little bit with dye, clips, and parts, it’s usually going to look similar. Additionally, if you want to keep it at a specific short length, you’re going to need to make salon visits more regularly.

Which Style Will Work Best?

There are many arguments for both short and long hair, and of course, it generally comes down to personal preference. If you love having long hair, you’re probably okay with spending a bit more time on it every morning, and if you value speed, you’re more likely to consider short hair.

Remember that there are plenty of ways to create something new with your haircut even if it’s a little harder. Extensions can make your short hair a little longer for a short amount of time, and a bob might suit you better than a super short or super long cut. You could move your hair care sessions, brushing and washing your hair before you go to bed, or grab clips and ribbons to style your hair.


Long and short hair are both beautiful looks on different people. At the end of the day, you should base your decision on what you love. If you hate a specific hairstyle, you won’t look as good in it, even if it supposedly fits your face shape, hair type, or general style. Don’t be afraid to push the limits. If you love it, that’s the most important thing.

If you’re still not sure about your decision, you might want to consult an expert. That’s where Ogle School comes in. Book an appointment at an Ogle School salon near you, where you can get expert advice on your hairstyle and make sure it looks great. With the stylists at Ogle School, you can tailor your hairstyle to you, not the other way around.

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