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I absolutely love making people feel good about themselves, so…I have an obsession with makeup, I have an obsession with hair, and putting all that together, to me…I’m getting paid for something that’s a hobby for me. And I love doing it, it’s fun, so…why not, you know?

What are you most passionate about?

That’s a tie between makeup and color. I absolutely love doing color. It’s one of the things that transforms people…and then makeup, of course, you know, everybody loves to have their makeup done, whether it’s natural look or glamour, so…it’s kind of a tie there. Can’t pick.

What obstacles have you faced during your schooling?

Right now, I’m not having any. I have a lot of support from my family and my fiancé, so I have been able to go to school, take care of my hours. I’m making up time from the winter hours, so it helps that I have that support there. Beforehand, I was a single parent for the first part of my son’s life, and it was very hard working 80 hours a week just trying to get by, and he spent a lot of time with my parents because I was working so much. So this is a completely rewarding experience. I get to see him every single day and I get to give him all the things that I wanted him to have, so…

What advice would you give someone in a similar situation?

I would say “Don’t give up.” Even if you can only come at night, it is something. You can…work it out. It’s definitely worth it, because you don’t wanna spend the rest of your time while they’re young and growing missing everything because you’re always at work. And it’s hard, and you feel bad, because you’re gone all the time, but you’ll feel worse whenever they grow up and they’re, like, “Yeah, you know, Mom missed this.” And “I didn’t get to go here.” So just commit to it, love what you do, and just stay committed. There are people that are willing to help you and keep you motivated to be here, so…

How did you hear about Ogle?

Of course when I hear “beauty school”, it’s always been Ogle. I’m a Texas girl, I was born and raised in Fort Worth, so Ogle school was always the bigger, the better. My mom went to Ogle. She came…back in the nineties, I think it was just to be a nail technician, so…always heard about it. It was my first and last stop. I did not look into any other schools. This was where I wanted to go.

Why do you do this?

Seeing the look on people’s faces whenever they’re done being in your chair, whether it’s because you made them feel special and they’ve had a rough week, you changed the grey hair to not grey, nonexistent, or…you know, you just gave ‘em a chance to be quiet and think for themselves, and not have to worry about making dinner and picking up the kids, going to the store, you know. It just…it makes people feel important, and when they leave happy, I leave happy, ‘cause I know I’m making a difference, at least for the people I come in contact with every day.

Describe a time you feel you had a significant impact on someone.

Actually, I do. It happened before I started at Ogle. I was working for Lancome, at Macy’s, and someone needed help covering up a lot of severe rosacea that they had. And I recommended some skincare, and then I also helped them do makeup application; showed them how to conceal. She left in tears, ‘cause she was so happy. She couldn’t believe that someone took their time to help her figure out how to conceal it, what was gonna be the best, and give her samples so she could at least try it at home. And that was, like, the best feeling ever. I just…I went home feeling really good about myself, and I knew that this was the industry I wanted to be in.

Everyone has a story.

This is Jessika’s.

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