Lazy Girl Nail Hacks

Lazy Girl Nail Hacks

Lazy Girl Nail Hacks

Getting a manicure can be fun, but sometimes we just don’t have the funds — or the time — for it. And sometimes, we’re a bit too lazy to even bother. But we shouldn’t let any of these factors get in the way of having fabulous nails. It’s actually quite easy to look like you just came from the nail salon without ever having to leave your house.

The following DIY tips and hacks will show you how to look like you’ve just had a professional manicure without spending a dime or getting off the couch.

Lazy Girl Nail Hacks
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To achieve this cute look, you’ll first want to dip the rounded end of a bobby pin into the nail polish color of your choice. Next, carefully press the polish-dipped end of the bobby pin to your nails, creating as many dots as you’d like. Allow your nails to air-dry for a few moments, and then finish off by dipping them into a bowl of ice water, causing the dots to harden.

Lace Print

Lace print is super stylish and super easy to achieve with this nail hack! First, apply your base coat. It’s recommended that you use a nude or pale grey color, like Bloom Cosmetics’ Emily Green Pale Grey, so the lace print really pops! After your base coat has dried, wrap each nail, individually, in a piece of lace. Select a different shade of nail polish (make sure it visibly contrasts with your base coat color) and paint over the lace. This may take a few tries before you perfect it, but it’s worth it!

French Tip

This modified (and way easier) version of the classic French tip is way simple. First, of course, apply your base coat. Then take binder-hole reinforcement stickers (or any small, circular sticker you can find) and place them on each fingernail, leaving room at the top for the french tip. Apply white polish to the area of each fingernail that isn’t covered with stickers, then allow to dry. Finish it off with a topcoat and you’re good to go!

Marbled Nails

Marbled nails may seem like an impossible feat at first glance, but have no fear, lazy girls! This artsy look is super easy to achieve. First, apply your trusted base coat and, when it’s nearly dry, apply a topcoat over it. Then, you’ll just need to quickly blot the freshly-applied topcoat with a crumpled paper bag until your desired look is achieved. Allow your masterpiece to dry, then apply one more coat!

Lines, Boxes or Stripes

(and Other Cute Designs!)
You don’t need to be a professional (or pay a professional a lot of money) to create intricate designs on your nails. All you need to do is the following: First, as always, apply a base coat. Then you’re going to want to take a few pieces of Scotch tape and cut them into thin strips. Place the tape strips onto your fingernails (make sure your base coat has completely dried first!) in the desired shapes you want. Then, paint around the strips with a contrasting shade of polish.

Sharpie Nail Art

Remember coloring in your nails while you were bored in junior high? This is just like that, only you won’t get detention for not paying attention in class — and your nails will look even more fabulous. First, apply the base coat. After it has fully dried, select as many different colors of Sharpies as you like and paint your nails in any way you like! Rainbow colors, dots, stripes, smiley faces … the world is your oyster. Then just finish it off with a topcoat!

Thin Stripes

Once again, this look is way easier than it appears. First, as always, apply that base coat. Next, take a fan brush and dip the edges into a contrasting color of acrylic paint. Gently brush your nails from side to side, creating thin horizontal lines. It’s that simple!

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