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Why Do You Learn Basic Skin Care in Cosmetology School?

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A beauty program is most well known as being a starting point for beauty skills. Many cosmetologists end up specializing in hair cutting, makeup application or general beauty application. However, one of the crucial skills you’ll learn in beauty is the skill of basic skin care. If you’re wondering why you would learn the basics of skin care in a program that’s all about beauty, here’s what you should know.

1. Skin Care Is Important for Beauty

First and foremost, skin care is important for beauty. This can be a bit surprising for some people. Especially if you don’t know a lot about makeup First and foremost, skin care is important for beauty. This can be a bit surprising for some people. Especially if you don’t know a lot about makeup application, you might not think about how general skin care health is a requirement if you want your makeup looks to stand out.

Skin care isn’t just important for beauty—it’s mandatory. If you want your clients to look amazing and feel even better, you need to “prime your canvas,” and that means learning how to take care of their skin. Even a client with absolutely no makeup on will look and feel better with great skin care basics, and that will show up on whatever pictures you take.ake.

2. Skin Care Knowledge Provides Take-Home Principles for Your Clients

This is something you can put into play no matter what career you end up in. If you’re building a relationship with your clients, which is something you should be doing, you can give them pieces of take-home wisdom with your skin care knowledge. This can make them appreciate your expertise even more.

For example, if you’re a hairstylist, you may think that skin care isn’t that important for you, as you’re not dealing with skin. However, if you notice that your client has had an acne breakout since the last time you saw them, you suggest some methods of skin care that can help the acne, and they try it and reduce their acne, they’ll remember you for far longer than a hairstylist that didn’t do that for them.

3. Basic Skin Care Will Translate Into Many Careers

The knowledge that you gain in basic skin care will help you move into a number of careers. That’s because skin care basics are crucial for many different people. Think about it: If you become a makeup artist, you need to make sure your canvases start with an amazing look. If you become a fashion expert, you need to keep your clients’ faces clean and looking good.

When you go through basic skin care, you’re preparing yourself for a wider variety of opportunities, which can include many jobs in the world of beauty and fashion. That edge could be the difference between keeping a job and losing it. If you really want to be prepared to do anything in the world of beauty, you definitely want to know basic skin care.

4. Many Cosmetologists End Up Moving Into a Career in Esthetics

In cosmetology, you’ll learn a little bit about basic skin care. However, the study of esthetics can give you an even better understanding of skin care, with a much deeper understanding of all these concepts. Skin care is rapidly becoming a crucial component of the beauty industry, and that means a beauty professional who provides skincare services has a variety of opportunities to grow in the future.

Esthetics, like cosmetology, can be a deeply interesting and highly fulfilling career, and both esthetics and cosmetology can give you the ability to offer a number of beauty services. If you want to offer more skin care services, you may want to look into the esthetics program from Ogle School. Here, you’ll learn everything you could possibly want to know about keeping skin looking clean, refreshed, and beautiful.


Basic skin care information is key to blossoming in the cosmetology field as a whole. However, if you’re interested in offering even more services to your future clients, you might want to additionally consider the world of esthetics, which offers even more education on skin care. Regardless of what skills you want to become licensed for after you go through your beauty program, you should take these basic skin care skills to heart. They can help you succeed in anything else you do.

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