A Man’s Guide to Summer Skincare

A lot of guys focus on skincare in the winter months, when harsh, cold days and circulated air wreak havoc on our dermal layers, but it’s when the mercury rises that our skin needs the most attention. A few simple steps can do wonders for your complexion, and even your overall health.


S.P.F. Is No Joke:

We probably all have memories of squirming around while our parents lathered us with sunscreen as children, fond or not. The fact of the matter is that sunscreen use is one of the most important skincare and health steps that guys don’t take.

Not only does the application of sunscreen reduce the appearance of aging from sun damage, but also it greatly reduces the risk of skin cancer. In fact, having 5 or more sunburns in your lifetime more than doubles the risk of contracting melanoma at some point during your life.

Get Scrubbing:

During the warmer summer months our bodies go into overdrive, producing nearly double the number of new cells than they do in the wintertime. All these extra cells mean dead skin builds up a lot faster and can quickly clog pores; leading to dull-looking skin and problems like acne.

The key to preventing this is to make use of a high-quality scrub up to twice a week (but not more, since it can aggravate your skin). The scrub will slough away dead skin cells, dirt and oil, leaving your skin fresh looking and ready to absorb moisturizers.  For the budget-conscious or DIY’er, you can even make your own with a few ingredients you have in your kitchen.



Even though the humidity of summertime can make your face feel anything but dry, it’s still important to moisturize in order to properly nourish your skin and protect it against the elements.

Probably the most important aspect when considering a facial moisturizer for summertime is the presence of an S.P.F. rating. A moisturizer with a dual AVA/AVB of S.P.F. 15 or higher – like Kiehl’s ‘Facial Fuel’ line – will help keep your face looking it’s best.

Show Your Eyes Some Love:

The skin directly around your eye area is some of the thinnest – 0.5mm –  and most delicate on your entire body. It’s also the skin that when neglected, can make a huge difference in how well you look on a daily basis. Lines and dark patches are generally attributed to age and a lack of sleep, but more often than not are simply a matter of a lack of proper care.

The problem is that the paper-thin skin around your eyes lacks the most precious of dermal elements: collagen. Collagen is basically the foundation of skin, giving it the firm, smooth appearance we covet. Ignoring the area around your eyes leaves what little collagen there is susceptible to degradation, resulting in premature aging.

Applying an eye-specific product tailored specifically for men can greatly reduce collagen degradation and even correct more immediate symptoms from lifestyle issues like a lack of sleep or stress. Online retailers like The Motley carry numerous products, all uniquely suited to this task.



One of the simplest and cheapest roads to better looking skin is proper hydration. In the summertime – for obvious reasons – you will sweat more, which means that you need to replace those fluids. This means water. Not coffee, beer, or any myriad of energy drinks that tout ‘superior hydration’. Good old-fashioned water should always be on hand, with the average guy being recommended to consume about 3 liters of it daily (more if you’ve been physically exerting yourself). It will contribute to your health in many ways, but in terms of your skin it will help flush out toxins, help cell reproduction and keep it looking firm and youthful.


Basically, though it may be easy to forget, the summer months are not a time to start slacking on your skincare regimen. Your skin is susceptible to all manner of issues from clogged pores to serious health risks like melanoma. A few simple rituals like regular exfoliation and diligent sunscreen application take mere minutes out of your day, but can add years towards a more youthful appearance.

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