Matching Makeup to Christmas Outfits

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Matching Makeup to Christmas Outfits

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As Christmas parties come around once more, it’s important that you start to decide on your Christmas party outfits early. After all, Christmas parties can be some of the most amazing parties of the year, and they’re a great time to show off just a little bit. So what are you going to do to match your makeup and your outfits? Keep these things in mind when you go to create your makeup look.

Decide on Your Style

Obviously, your style is going to change depending on the party. But there’s still a specific type of style that you’re probably going to appreciate most. Do you like something more elegant? Homey? Exaggerated? Subtle?

If you’re a fan of blending into the background, neutral warm brown tones are absolutely the way to go. Stick to hair-down looks and focus on that “girl-next-door” vibe. You can spice things up with a little bit of bronze eyeshadow or a hint of deep red-brown lipstick.

However, if your style’s more to shock and entertain, Christmas parties are certainly the time to go for it. Break out your favorite dresses and lean toward an icy cold palette if you really want to be the immediate eye-catcher at all your Christmas parties.

Combine Perfect Christmas Colors

Colors should be one of the first things that you take into account. Although of course Christmas tends to bring up red and green, that color scheme really only works as a novelty concept. So instead, try out a couple of alternative ideas.

Rather than playing off the holidays directly, consider a palette that’s more themed on the world around you. Very light silver and burgundy create a gorgeous glow that’s undeniably wintry. Pair a sleek silver-white coat with sultry purple makeup and a chalky grey skirt for a showstopping look that’s sure to draw attention.

Alternately, you can also go the other way. Bring some warmth into the holiday by steering more toward brown and red, stirring up visions of sitting by the fire with a warm cup of cocoa. A warm bronze smoky eye pairs perfectly with a casual brown and amber outfit, allowing you to really play on the season’s concepts.

Match the Levels of Elegance

You’re not going to be doing yourself any favors if you accidentally show up in a ballgown when everyone’s wearing a hoodie, but wearing a cozy pair of jeans to a cocktail party probably won’t go down super well either.

If the party’s really on the fancy side, silver should be your go-to if you’re working through a cool palette, while bronze should be your go-to for warm palettes. Add it in with trim, glittery eyeliner or just plain old jewelry.

On the more comfortable side of things, you don’t always have to plan out that much of an outfit. Hoodies always make a statement during the winter because they’re comfortable and simple. Pair yours with a cute two-day-old messy-natural hairstyle and some simple, bright makeup to bring the look into the modern era.

Keep in Mind the Winter Spirit

If you’re going to add accessories or outerwear to your outfit, plan that out long before you finalize your creation. Nothing’s worse than spending half an hour on your hair, then realizing you were going to wear a big cute hat to the party.

During the wintertime, hats are definitely the biggest mood killer. That doesn’t mean there’s no way to wear a hat and look amazing, though. You can find lots of hairstyles that focus largely on the bottom half of your hair and therefore pair wonderfully with a hat, but just remember to do it first.

Scarves also tend to ruin makeup looks if you forget about them. The trick for a scarf is to use almost no lip makeup, including gloss — it’ll just rub off on the scarf and make everything look messy. Focus on the eyes and remember to stay warm.


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The best way to make a statement at your Christmas parties is to be yourself. You can’t love your Christmas escapades if you’re uncomfortable with your makeup or your outfit. But by matching everything, you’ll make it look amazing.

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