Natural Beauty 101: Essential Oils

Have you ever taken the time to examine your diet—to look at nutrition labels, additives, and chemicals that might be in your food? Who hasn’t, right? We all know that what goes inside of us has direct consequences on our health; and the way we look, as a result.

One thing you may not have considered, however, is the fact that chemicals and additives in other products besides food can affect our appearance as well. Your skin is an elaborate organ that is designed as a unique barrier to filter and block harmful elements from entering your system. Therefore, while the skin is doing its hardworking job heading off “bad” things, anything you apply to it can have a direct effect on its health.

Cosmetics, lotions, and beauty products obviously fall under this banner. However, fortunately, you don’t have to forgo looking good in the name of protecting your skin. There are a number of skincare options utilizing all-natural ingredients that you can explore, try—and feel good about applying to your face and body.

Essential Oils
Long before chemists and labs even existed, women used essential oils to beautify their skin. Oils of different varieties have been targeted through the years to remedy common ailments such as dry skin, eczema, acne, dull complexions, and even fight aging.

If you’re curious to try these for yourself, here are two popular and common natural oils that can be found easily at the store.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil

  • You may already have coconut oil in your kitchen. This oil is a great all-purpose and gentle tool for a variety of skin issues.
  • Due to its rich fatty composition, coconut oil is a superb moisturizer. The fats help your skin retain moisture and feel nice and soft.
  • Coconut oil contains Vitamin E in abundance, which is a powerful antioxidant and skin protectant.
  • Many swear that coconut oil can help fight signs of aging. Proof positive? Look for it in regional cultures where natives use it—and nothing else—to maintain glowing skin.
  • Coconut oil also has a good dose of protein, which can help repair damaged skin.
  • Aside from healthy benefits, the oil works well as a highlighter for cheekbones and browbones, and as a natural lip gloss.
  • You can also use it as a natural makeup remover when cleaning your face at night.

Argan Oil

Argan oil

  • This oil is a product of a tree that grows in Morocco, which locals term “The Tree of Life” for its healing properties.
  • Like coconut oil, it can be used for cooking. It has been shown to help regulate cholesterol levels—not a skin issue, but always a good benefit!
  • The oil’s unique chemical composition consists of a range of fatty acids, which boost the skin’s reparative process, restore moisture and lipids, neutralize free radicals, and increase oxygen in skin cells.
  • The softening effect of the oil is invaluable for those with dry skin or eczema conditions.
  • Argan oil contains phytosterols, which have anti-aging benefits as they promote collagen production.
  • It also has Squalene, which is yet another powerful anti-aging powerhouse that helps turn back the hands of time, repair past sun damage, smooth wrinkles. It is even thought to be a cancer-preventing substance.
  • No wonder this tree is called “Tree of Life,” right?

Using Oils in Your Personal Regimen

Once you have tested and determined whether these natural essential oils work for you personally as a starting point, you can branch out into studying a wider range of oils available. There are many essential oils with hundreds of different benefits, some of which can be blended or mixed for maximum efficacy.

Since each oil has its own qualities, it’s recommended you research carefully the potential side effects of any oil you are interested in. You will also want to consider its reactiveness when considering mixing it with any other ingredient or oil.

Consult an essential oil chart to get started. And, if you are pregnant, it is imperative to check with your doctor or midwife first before embarking on any sort of oil treatment.

The real beauty that comes from a natural beauty regime goes far deeper than a revitalized, rejuvenated glow. It’s the beautiful feeling one obtains, knowing that everything that’s been put on your skin is doing good and not harm.

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