Create a flawless Negative Space Eye Design

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Create a flawless Negative Space Eye Design

The Negative Space eye trend is a guaranteed head-turning and exciting look. You can experiment with different styles and shades and adorn your eyes will something extra, like glitter or pearls, to complement the geometric look. Before you plunge into a DIY, Negative Space Eye trend, be aware that it can smudge easily if you avoid taking the proper steps. 

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to achieve this look like a pro-makeup artist. This technique is estimated to take 20 minutes. You’ll need the right tools for the job, so we compiled a list of items we used in this tutorial to get you started: 


  • Synthetic brush (for applying the concealer)
  • Liquid concealer (Idraet pro makeup)
  • Sponge (for easy cleanup)
  • Translucent Volatile Powder (Idraet Pro Make-Up)
  • Dense powder brush
  • Liquid eyeliner (Naj Oleari Shade 02 Magnetic Blue)
  • Liner brush- beveled brush
  • Micellar water oil/ole by Garnier
  • Swab or micro swab

Step One: Using a synthetic brush, apply concealer onto the eyelids. The concealer acts as a primer. It will create an even glow and minimize the eyeshadow from fading too fast. 

applying concealer

Step Two: Remove any excess concealer with a sponge to prevent it from accumulating in the crease lines.

cleaning excess concealer

Step Three: With a blending brush, apply a light translucent powder to seal the eyelids. This step will help keep the look smudge-proof and long-lasting.

applying powder

Step Four: Apply a bit of waterproof, blue liquid eyeliner onto a clean, flat surface or palette. Use a clean, fine brush for the application. 

dabbing blue liquid liner

Step Five: Draw a line from the outer corner of the eye in an upward direction. It should resemble the start of a fine cat eye flick and be a guideline for the rest of the look.

painting outer corner flick

Step Six: Draw a fine, clean arching line directly over the eyelid as an additional guide before connecting the lines. 

creating an upper guideline for eye

Step Seven: Finish drawing the line above the eye socket toward the corner of the eye. For precision, we recommend using a beveled brush.

painting in line over lid

Step Eight: Join the lines from the over lid to the corner-of-the-eye-cat-flick. Use a beveled brush for definition. 

connecting the lines

Step Nine: Clean up around the lines using a cotton swab with make-up remover (Micellar Water in Oil/oleo-Garnier).

cleaning up smudges

Step Ten: Add more drama to the look with high-volume mascara. It is essential to apply it from the root to the tips, with a zig-zag movement to separate each lash.

finishing with volumizing mascara

The complete look is stunning!

the finished look

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