Neon-Hued Eye Color Tutorial

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neon hued eye color tutorial

Neon-Hued Eye Color Tutorial

Let your neon-hued colors glow by framing and brightening those peepers with a rainbow of colors. Bright and brilliant shadows and liners can bring your eyes to life and make the mother of all statements when it comes to makeup. 

You must know how to blend to make a multi-colored bold eye wearable. We’ve crafted a one-step-at-a-time tutorial from beginning to end. 

What you’ll need:

Step One: Use a blending brush to apply blue shadow to the crease

Blend blue eyeshadow

Apply blue eyeshadow from the Off Tropic Palette, by NYX cosmetics, to the deep crease and blend around the crease while pressing into the eyelid. 

Tip: It’s usually a good idea to apply on hand first to test how much pigment will deposit onto the skin. 

Step Two: With a different blending brush, apply lime green eyeshadow from the Neon Drip palette by Poppi cosmetics

Apply and blend neon drip

Apply lime green shadow with a different blending blush just below the brow bone, gradually blending in with the blue. 

Step Three: With a flat fluffy brush, pack on the reddish-orange color

Apply reddish-orange to lid

Use a flat brush to deposit the reddish-orange pigment on the lid, blending from the inner corner to the outer corner. 

Step Four: With a flat fluffy brush, apply burgundy

Apply burgundy to lid

With a different fluffy flat brush, apply burgundy, blending from the outer lid to the crease. 

A fluffy brush is effective in getting the pigment in the crease. 

Step 5: Sweep the orange and red under the eye

NYX orange-red shadow

Apply the orange shadow below the lower lash line in a sweeping motion using a fluffy brush. 

Step Six. Apply liquid liner and pencil liner

Line waterline with pencil

Using a liquid liner, paint the upper lash line. Always apply a thin line closer to the middle lid and gradually go thicker as you get to the outer V. Carefully apply the pencil liner to the waterline. 

Step Seven: Using a water-based paint by Suva beauty, paint a  line above the crease

Add Suva Beauty paint

To create a perfect line above the crease and achieve the cat eye effect, use a fine paintbrush with Suva Beauty paint.

Step Eight: Apply false lashes

Finish with false lashes

Finish the look with 5D Darling Lashes. You may have to trim the lash at the end to align with your lid. First, apply glue to the inside line of the false lashes. With the tweezers, apply the false lashes just above the upper lash line. Adjust as needed. Press the false lashes against the lid and hold for 10 seconds before pressing against the outer and inner lash line.

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