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8 Steps to Achieve a “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

Whether it’s a quick run to the grocery store or a full day on the town, sometimes a toned down makeup look is just far more ideal and convenient rather than one that requires three eyeshadow palettes, five complexion layers, and several other daily must-haves. However, it is perfectly common to still want a makeup look that isn’t as noticeable.

1. Creamy Concealer & Highlighter

Skip the foundation and grab a creamy concealer and highlighter! Creamier consistencies are easy to blend and conceal blemishes or high pigmentation with a blending sponge. Only conceal the areas where you really need it and follow with a highlighter to brighten your certain areas of your complexion. You will likely find that using only a concealer and highlighter will give you a much lighter and natural look without the extra step of a foundation.

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Products Used: Nicka K HD Concealer and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat

2. Feathery Light Eyebrows

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Products Used: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown

Follow by softly filling in the eyebrows with a super fine tip pencil in a shade closest to your hair color. Avoid harsh lines and don’t get heavy-handed! Focus on lining the bottom of your eyebrow and create tiny strokes in the direction of the hairs.

3. Neutral, Soft Cream Eyeshadow

Keep it creamy and neutral with a neutral cream eyeshadow. For my look, I used the new Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint in Lustrous Taupe which is crease- and waterproof. There are three finishes in this formula: matte, satin and shimmer. Satin finishes tend to appear more natural and blend beautifully with the skin depending on the color and shade while adding dimension to the overall look.

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Products Used: Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint in Lustrous Taupe (L-54)

4. Subtle Color with A Blush Stick

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Products Used: Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick Lip-to-Cheek in Las Salinas

Try a lip-to-cheek stick to add color to your cheeks. Choose a color that best complements your skin tone and undertones, and that looks believable. Peach, pink and berry colors tend to look best!

5. Lightly Dust Cheeks with Pressed Highlight

In addition to blush, sweep your cheeks with a shimmering pressed highlighter for a soft glow. One to two sweeps with a blush brush should be sufficient. Apply along the cheek bones, chin, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose and center forehead. These are areas where the light naturally hits, so your glow will be slightly noticeable especially in the sun.

No Makeup_Step 5
Products Used: Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick Lip-to-Cheek in Las Salinas

6. Lash Thickening Mascara

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Products Used: Lorac PRO Mascara

Thickening mascara will really make your lashes stand out. Want something more dramatic or permanent? Faux lashes are always an option, or you can find a professional who offers eyelash extensions.

7. Tint Lips with Enhancing Gloss

Tinted lip enhancing glosses give your lips plenty of life with their shine and soft, natural color. Choose a tint that best complements your skin tone and overall look. Try pairing the tint with your choice of blush.

No Makeup_Step 7
Products Used: Jouer Tinted Lip Enhancer in Bellini

8. Set Makeup and Hydrate

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Product Used: Teadora Anti-Pollution Facial Mist

Set your makeup with a setting spray that will leave a fresh and dewy finish. For “no makeup” looks, go for a hydrating finishing spray or a refreshing toner such as rose or tea tree water. Pay attention to the ingredients as these options tend to provide the skin with nutrients and antioxidants. Avoid mattifying or sticky, heavy setting sprays!

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Watch the full tutorial to achieve this fresh face look on the Ogle School YouTube channel!

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