Perfect Pout: Lip Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

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Perfect Pout: Lip Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Achieve full lips without expensive injections or cup challenges! You don’t have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to create a stunning lip look. We’re giving you the scoop on six simple tricks and steps for a fuller pout for makeup beginners.

Step One | Smooth & Exfoliate


First things first! Exfoliate your lips with a sugar lip scrub. The sugar will help remove dead skin while the oils blended into the formula will nourish the lips. You may scrub to keep your lips smooth as needed or 2-3 times a week.


We are using Fresh Beauty’s sweet-scented Sugar Lip Scrub and massaging onto the lips for approximately 30 seconds before removing with a damp paper towel or washcloth. Be sure to gently scrub to avoid irritation or bleeding.

Step Two | Treat with Balm or Primer

After exfoliating and sugar scrubbing, your lips may feel a little dry. Lock in those nourishing ingredients with a treatment balm or moisturizing lip primer. A little bit goes a long way and since you’ll be layering lipstick on top, you don’t need a lot!


To keep your freshly sugar scrubbed lips smooth, continue to re-apply balm as needed.

Step Three | Line The Lips


Glide a pigmented lip liner along the edges of your lips to create an outline and fill in the corners. Lip liner helps your base color really pack a punch and prevents lipstick from bleeding during the day.

Step Four | Apply Base Color

It’s all about that base! Choose a lip color in any formula and apply it to the top and bottom lips. These steps apply to any shade combination of lip colors, but you’ll need to use color theory knowledge to create the perfect duos for an ombré effect to contour and shape (see step 5).


Try choosing creamier formulas to make the blending process easier.

Step Five | Contour & Shape for Fullness


Plump it up by choosing a lighter lip color that complements your base to contour and shape your lips. To make things simpler, apply two dots of the lip color to the center of the top and bottom lips. See below to see where to apply.


To blend, you may use a lip brush or press the lips together until fully blended. If the look becomes too light, touch up the outline and corners with the deeper lip liner or lipstick.

Step Six | Add Dimension & Texture

By now, your lips should be taking on a fuller shape. Make your look more interesting by adding dimension or texture. Add a shiny coat to your lips with a gloss, give them texture with glitter, or more dimension with metallic and satin finishes.


We’re using a neutral gloss on the center of the lips to make our look really pop!


Watch how to achieve the perfect pout on our YouTube channel!

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