Learn How to do a Pixie Cut

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The final look

Learn How to do a Pixie Cut

Before and after pixie cut

The pixie cut is a refreshing, sexy and sultry style, perfect for any season. Debuting this short haircut is ideal if you want to show off your face, neck and shoulders. Plus, this cut is easy to style for any occasion. Our tutorial will walk you through achieving a blended, well-chiseled pixie cut. 

Section off top of hair

Step One: Divide the hair into sections by tracing a horseshoe line on the top of the head. Secure the top part of the hair with a sectioning clip. 

Running clippers on lower hair

Step Two: Using a 1.5 comb, run the clippers down the lower part of the hair evenly. 

Outline hair with trimmer

Step Three: Use a trimmer to outline, clean up the edges, and fade by slowly running the trimmer from the crown of your head to the base of your neck. 

Spritz hair with water

Step Four: Prep the top part of the hair by spritzing with water and combing the top of the hair forward.

Pointcut bangs vertically

Step Five: Once you determine the length of the bangs using the eyebrow as a starting reference point, point cut the bangs with the point of the shears, holding the scissors vertically. 

Pointcut the sides of the hair

Step Six: Part the hair in the center. Point cut each side using small snips, blending the hair. 

Section hair and cut snips

Step Seven: Create another section from the top of the head. Pinch the section of hair between the index finger and the middle finger, holding the section perpendicular to the head. Soften the hair with tiny snips while carving out the shape of the cut. 

Trim hair in the back

Step Eight: Pinch the section of hair in the back of the head and begin point-cutting little snips, blending the hair into the cut. 

Blow Dry hair

Step Nine: Style hair with a blow dryer.

Shear slicing to create texture

Step Ten: Create texture with a shear slicing technique. Your hand position will determine the length of the haircut. 

The final look

Step Eleven: Style and finish the hair with wax. 

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Hair styled by Filosofia Peluqueria. Photography by Aylen Diaz.

The final look

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