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How to Preserve Candy Colored Hair

Lately I’ve noticed that Instagram and Facebook are the catalogs of choice for clients when asking their hair color professional for a dream hair transformation.  

Candy-colored hair is not something you’ll be able to achieve with box color at home, though, so ditch that fantasy. Candy-colored hair is achieved through a long process with an experienced color professional. Be ready to be patient with this step-by-step process, and when you finally achieve your desired hue (in my case, pink), aim to give it all the love and care you can muster to preserve a vivacious color using the tips below:

Healthy Pink Hair

1) Don’t wash your hair every day: Alternating the days you wash your hair will keep your hair color vibrant longer. Clipping your hair in a bun and not washing your hair in the shower is not enough. Always use a shower cap to shield your hair from steam and wetting any loose strands.

2) Don’t wash your hair with scalding hot water: The first thing my hairstylist/colorist advised was to not wash my hair with very hot water. Hot water makes the hair color fade quicker than if you wash with lukewarm water. Candy-colored hair like pink or minty green has a tendency to fade quicker anyways, and hot water speeds up the fading process.

3) Use a color-protect shampoo and conditioner: Carefully choose the shampoo and conditioner you wash your hair with. Wash your hair every two or three days, and when you do, massage your scalp with the tips of your fingers (not your nails).

Choose sulfate-free and color-protect shampoos (salon brands will work better at keeping colorful strands vivacious, soft and shiny).

Color Protection Hair Products

4) Use a deep conditioning hair treatment once a week: Your colorful hair needs more tender, loving care than normal. To achieve colorful locks, most women — even blondes — have to go through a gradual bleaching process, which weakens the hair. Try a 10-minute hair treatment with a shower cap once a week to restore strength, shine and vibrancy. For a deeper treatment, apply the treatment and wrap your hair with a hot towel or use a blow dryer to heat your conditioned strands and reap the benefits of the treatment.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

5) Use dry shampoo sparingly: Dry shampoos can be great at refreshing hairstyles or at providing a piecey texture to limp strands. With colorful hair, though, dry shampoo — which has a powdery white finish — can be more noticeable and cause undesired buildup. Use it sparingly and always remember to massage it into your scalp so there are no traces of the dry shampoo before heading out the door.

6) Go easy on the hot styling tools: This is a no-brainer even on hair that is not colored. Color-treated hair is more sensitive to hot styling tools, so limit the use of the hair dryer, curling and flat iron to only once a week, and use a heat-protectant spray or cream. Make your hairstyles like curls and blowouts last longer by sleeping on satin pillowcases, which will diminish frizz and keep your strands soft.

7) Let your hair color professional retouch the color: Colorful hair fades faster than you think. It can also be tempting to slap on some hair color from the grocery store, but don’t do it! If you follow the tips above, your hair color will last longer, and touch-ups at the salon can be minimal.

Professional Hair Color

I hope these tips encourage you to be fearless and try out that playful hair color you’ve been eyeing for so long (if you haven’t yet!). These tips will preserve the vibrancy of your hair color and also keep your locks soft.

By the way, I’m not a haircolorist — just a hair color enthusiast who communicates a lot with my hair color professional to get the looks I want! But this list by Jeff Chiarelli, director of marketing at Ogle School, makes me believe I might have a future as a haircolorist!

Which color are you looking forward to trying? How do you take care of your colorful hair?

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