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Product Spotlight: American Crew

American Crew is an American-based men’s grooming brand founded in 1994 by David Raccuglia. For more than 20 years, it has been dedicated to creating grooming products that help today’s man achieve on-trend, masculine style with ease. The brand recognized early that the modern man was becoming more interested in personal grooming and hair styling. This foresight enabled American Crew to become the place to go for quality styling and grooming products, as well as quite the trendsetter.

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American Crew Product Lines

American Crew provides professional grooming products to both the individual and salon. The renowned men’s grooming brand is dedicated to quality and not quantity. Therefore, it doesn’t have an overly large range of products, yet it still offers the essentials needed to create on-trend styles and looks.

American Crew has three main product lines: hair styling, hair and body care, and shaving.

  • Hair Styling – The American Crew hair styling range features the likes of molding clays and defining pastes, texturizing sprays, hair gels with various holds, and volume and curl products.
  • Hair and Body Care – Its hair and body care range features shampoos and conditioners for different hair types, a variety of body washes and its own fragrances called Nine. It also provides some specialty hair care, including hair dyes and a hair loss treatment.
  • Shaving – American Crew offers shaving cream, oil or gel for shaving, as well as a soothing after-shave balm.

Limited Edition Collection

In 2016, American Crew released a limited edition range of styling creams that paid tribute to Elvis. Known for his trademark pompadour, Elvis has remained a style icon right up until the present day. For men wanting to achieve Elvis’ statement style for themselves, or another classic look, American Crew has given six of its most popular styling products a makeover fit for “The King.” The Pomade, Defining Paste, Forming Cream, Grooming Cream, Fiber and Molding Clay each feature a different picture of “The King” himself.

American Crew is a pioneer in the men’s grooming business that’s passionate about giving men the knowledge and products to help them look and feel good.

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