How To Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

It’s pretty common knowledge that hair should be protected from sun exposure and harsh environments. However, most people don’t think about caring for their hair while they sleep. It may not seem like a significant cause of stress, but there are a few things to consider:

Shampooing hair and then letting it air dry while sleeping is not a good idea, especially for those with thick, coarse hair. Wet hair can stretch more than dry hair leading to tangles. Also, pulling and tugging wet hair while sleeping will weaken hair and cause breakage.

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Another hair sin is to sleep with a hair tie. Wearing any type of hair tie while sleeping will also pull and put stress on the hair causing it to weaken.

An easy step that can be taken to protect the hair is to switch pillowcases. Silk or satin pillowcases reduce friction resulting in fewer tangles.

Another tip to protect hair while sleeping is to apply a small amount of essential oils. They will be absorbed while sleeping and can be shampooed out in the morning. This practice leads to restored shine and overall-healthy hair.

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Another tip is to wrap hair and cover it with a satin or silk scarf. This keeps natural oils where they belong, on the hair and scalp. This practice is fairly common as it protects the hair’s style and natural oils, which can be rubbed off on cotton pillowcases leading to dry, brittle hair.
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Also, have you ever heard that you should give your hair 100 strokes? Well it turns out the old, wives tale may be on to something. Taking extra time to dry and brush hair free of tangles is beneficial. This extra care helps distribute the scalp’s natural oils to the ends.

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