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Putting the ‘Man’ in Manicure: A Guide to Father’s Day Pampering


Even though Mother’s Day is far and away the number one day of the year for spa services in America, Father’s Day is starting to catch up. The beauty of a grooming gift is that it’s something he probably wouldn’t select for himself, but will ultimately enjoy. Whether it’s the whole nine yards at a luxury spa, or a simple shave at a local barbershop, here are several Father’s Day gift options for dad.

The Whole Nine Yards:
The important thing when opting for a full-fledged day at the spa is to do your research first. Make sure that the spa you choose provides the kind of services he might want. If possible, select a few services for him, and leave some options up to him as he gets into the swing of things. For the uninitiated, spa’s can be a daunting prospect, and you want this day to be all about relaxation. Many spa’s will have specifically tailored Father’s Day packages featuring special treatments on the day.

Russian Baths:


Depending on where you live, odds are your city has a decent population of Eastern Europeans, which means one thing: Russian baths. A tradition in Nordic and Scandinavian countries, these facilities – also known as ‘Banyas’ – feature ornate saunas and steam rooms where a man can kick back and sweat away the stress (and toxins) of daily life. More adventurous dads can opt to have a traditional service where you’re ‘massaged’ with white birch and juniper branches. Best of all? Russian baths are famous for their ice-cold vodka shots and huge beer selections.

Manicures and Pedicures:

Though it may not seem like the obvious choice, men getting both manicures and pedicures are on the up trend. It’s a great entry-level spa service that’s both affordable and low-impact if dad is a bit wary of the spa scene. An added benefit is that summer is just around the corner, so he can proudly show his manicured feet at the beach or poolside.


Massages are probably one of the most popular ‘spa’ treatments for men, but there are a few important things to consider if you’re booking dad his first session.

  • Female or Male attendant? For some people this matters, so it’s worth the consideration.
  • Does he have any conditions that might be exacerbated by a deep massage?


More than ever there are barber shops popping up everywhere offering a bevy of old school services, including the straight razor shave. For the uninitiated, this is the height in shaving luxury: a piping hot towel, thick shaving cream applied with a badger hair brush, all combined to create the closest shave he’s ever had.

If he’s the adventurous type, some barbershops offer workshops of how to master to art of the straight razor shave (don’t worry, they practice on balloons).
It’s important to note that although many barber shops will offer a package with a hair cut, it’s better to stick with just a shave. Even old dad is probably loyal to his stylist.

Tips and Tricks:
You want to make sure he has the best time possible, so it’s important to take care of things like tipping beforehand (typically accepted practice is 20% of the treatment cost). Do your research and make sure to consider his comfort zone if he’s new to services like these.

Along with the above services, you can also think about a complimentary gift to give him on the spot along with a gift card or voucher for the services. Opt for a straight razor shave? Give him a selection of naturally sourced grooming products as an introduction to the finer side of grooming.

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