Ogle School offers eight locations in the state of Texas.

The Question That You’ve Never Asked Your Stylist

Ogle School offers eight locations in the state of Texas.

You have probably asked your stylist a lot of questions.

“Do you think I could pull off an A-line?” or maybe “Would I look bad with a platinum ombre?” We’re willing to bet you’ve probably never thought to ask why your stylist ALWAYS wears black.  

The Unofficial Uniform

It is also entirely possible that you’ve never noticed the attire of your stylist, understandably so.

Or you may have noticed that black clothes are kind of the unofficial uniform of the service industry at large.

That encompasses everything from dining and hotel service to the beauty industry.

And the answer is shockingly simple, black is just really hard to stain. Rather, the stains aren’t visible to customers.

So when you work in a salon, slingin’ hair color, bleach, and barbicide it helps to wear a color that can’t be visibly damaged.

Here is another industry secret you might not know about: Ceramic Matters

Ceramic Sinks and Tools.

That sounds a little odd, but it’s actually for the sake of functionality.

Ceramic sinks don’t stain when color touches them so naturally they belong in salons. Ceramic heat tools deliver heat evenly, and usually use technology that reduce the amount of frizz generated by the styling process.

What a time to be alive!

These may not be the greatest industry secrets ever revealed, but just remember that like every art form there is a long and rich history, so now it might be easier to strike up conversation with your new stylist!

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