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Before Ogle, I actually was a pre-K teacher and I loved it. My main reason for going to hair school was I wanted to do something different.

What prompted you to join the beauty industry?

I literally woke up one day and said what can I do different? I said let me go to hair school.

What challenges did you face during your schooling?

Oh my gosh. When I was in school, my family didn’t support me really or my friends. When I enrolled to hair school everybody oh here you go again, you’re just doing something, you’re not even going to finish. It was just like okay. I just said okay.

What aspect of the beauty industry are you most passionate about?

I like to see people change. I like to see change in hair, makeup. I really am into fashion so the aspect of hair and makeup it just all tied together.

What impact do you feel you’ve had in your students schooling?

I’m like real stern when it comes to certain things. One of the things is for the students to pass their written exam so I really stay on students about the written exams. Study, study, study. Open your book. Go on line. Whatever type of studying, whatever is best for you to study. I stay on them. Sometimes they get oh, oh here comes Mr. Willis. Oh Mr. Willis this. Oh Mr. Willis that.

But I can say take messages, Facebook posts that the students they love it. Mr. Willis thank you for staying on me. Thank you for pushing me. I mean I have students to this day still text me still facebook me  I still have students who come up here every day, I wouldn’t say every day but at least once a week they’ll all be writing something. For me to stay on them for them to pass their test because I guess they feel like we don’t care but we actually do you know. I stay on my students a lot about certain things and that’s one of them, to pass their written exam, pass their practical so you can get your license. At the end of the day they always thank me and love me but at the time they kind of don’t like me, so.

Why Ogle?

I typed in hair schools and Ogle popped. Then I did a little inquiry on-line. Literally 5 minutes later Vivian called me. I’m like I just pushed send but Vivian called me and said you want to come in? I came in and they took me on a tour and took me to the phase one classroom. All the students made me feel welcome. It was like oh come on. Are you going to be a day student or a night student? I said I’m going to be night. They’re like no be a day student, be a day student. I’m like if you pay my bills I will because I had to work.

What advice would you give a student today?

What I would tell a student is to gain all the knowledge you can. Take every advanced class you can take, extra classes, go to hair shows, just get all the knowledge you can. Get all the knowledge out there, instructors that you can. I hear a lot of times students say oh I paid $20,000. Well you need to come here and get $20,000 worth of education and just don’t sit around and not do anything. I would tell them get all the knowledge they can while they’re here. If there’s something you can do, just do it. If it’s something you have trouble with, ask an instructor. Go on YouTube. Go to hair shows. Take extra classes. Get all the knowledge you can. That’s what I would tell them.

What are you doing now?

I’ve been working here 3-1/2 years and i’m an instructor and im a salon manager and it’s great. It’s great every day coming here and just working with the students. Some days of course it’s challenging but yet at the end of the day it’s rewarding to me.


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This was Randall’s

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