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Red Lips for Deep Skin

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One of the things I hear the most from fellow black women is that red lips just don’t work for them. Personally, one of my favorite looks for my skin tone is a beautiful deep red lip. It complements my skin well and gives me that ’90s New York vibe that I love, but in no way does my dark skin limit me from wearing other reds all across the spectrum. If you’re struggling to figure out how to wear or apply red lips, check out these looks for some ideas!

“Can dark-skinned women wear red?”

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Start With Primer

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Make it a habit to apply primer before you make those lips pop! Some lipsticks can be super drying or even stain your lips, so this will help protect them. Whether it’s the prestige primer in your kit or a clear lip balm to hydrate, something on your lips is much better than nothing!

Bold + Glossy Red

Try a bold and glossy bright red lip! This is the look that many women don’t believe they can pull off, but you’ll be surprised when you give it a try. I have dark skin and hair, so I like to make sure any “peach fuzz” above the lip has been removed to avoid standing out too much with the bright red. Bright red is gorgeous for any occasion, from a daytime date to hanging out with friends. It’s a very playful and fun look.

Myth: “Bright red won’t look good on me.”

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Contoured + True Red

Sometimes I don’t want to wear just red lips. I love adding funky techniques to my lip colors if I can, and red is one of my favorite colors to play with! Try contouring your lips with a black or dark brown lip pencil. This is helpful when you don’t feel completely confident with a bold lip or you want to give your lips some shape and fullness. Lightly fill the corners of your lips with your pencil, then press your lips together and voila! You’ll be effortlessly lined. The look is classic and ideal for vintage looks, too.

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Myth: “I’m too dark for red lipstick!”

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Deep + Matte Red

A vampy matte red looks so stunning on dark skin. It falls into the burgundy/browned-burgundy category, but nevertheless it’s red! You can actually wear this red with an everyday look, as it complements the skin perfectly. It makes a fantastic “neutral.” You’ll definitely want a red like this for your next date night or formal evening event! It’s flirty, edgy and sexy all in one look.

Myth: “There isn’t a perfect red for me.”

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As you can see, there’s no limit for reds (or any other color) when it comes to deep skin, and it’s simple to achieve. Let go of the myths and give these looks a try on yourself or your next client!

You’ve chosen the right lip look, now choose the right eyeliner!

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