Rockin’ Fishtail Braid! Perfect for Prom!

Selena Gomez looks rocker chic, and you will too!

gomez-postDo you want a prom style that is trendy and fun? A messy braid is the perfect choice!

Check out the fun look Selena Gomez pulled together for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards!

You can get this style in three easy steps…

Step 1. Create a pompadour at the front of your hair.

Step 2. Start braiding, using three equal sections of hair, right behind the pompadour you’ve created. Add new sections of hair to the braid all the way down. Tie it off with an elastic band.

Step 3. For the finishing touch, gently start pulling pieces of your braid from the bottom up to achieve a messy braid.

Now you’re ready to rock your new look!

Learn how to get this style for prom!


Hair too short for this look?

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