Rose Gold Hair - The Unexpected New Trend

Rose Gold Hair: The Unexpected New Trend

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Hairstyle trends can be difficult to capture; they’re here one day and gone the next. Instead of trying to run after the next big hair trend, you should instead be looking for things that are on an upward spiral, grabbing the style while it’s still underground. You can file rose gold hair under that description. Although you may not have seen anyone rocking rose gold hair yet, it’s something that stylists can definitely see on the horizon. If you pride yourself on always being on-trend, you might want to try the rose gold style. Rose gold is the next big thing, and here’s why.

Light Colors Are In

A few years back, bold dyes were all the rage. Hot pink, neon blue, and fire red were the name of the game. Although bright, strong looks don’t seem like they’re ever going to go out of fashion, they require an equally strong personality to shine. If you don’t necessarily feel like putting yourself out there that far, you might find that the neon look isn’t for you. The introverted crowd has started to lean toward pastels and other light colors, and that’s a perfect basis for a rose gold style. If you like that delicate look, rose gold should your goal.

A Light Dye Can Fade into a Beautiful Ombre

Anyone who’s ever gotten a dye job can attest that the ombré look can cover up the fact that you haven’t been to the hair salon in a few weeks. However, if you bake that look into your hair, it can be a great way to create a low-maintenance hairstyle, and light colors are the perfect subject for this easy-access style. Tell your stylist that you want an ombré hairstyle, with rose gold at the bottom and your natural hair color at the top and the stylist will take care of the rest.

Rose Gold Is Taking the World by Storm

The color of rose gold started with its use in jewelry; as the name suggests, rose gold is a gold alloy that includes copper to give it a pink tinge. Over the last few years, rose gold has become popular in jewelry and home décor, where you can see it in its original metallic form. However, the color, which is essentially a yellow-pink often with a metallic sheen, has also been popping up everywhere. It’s a soft and delicate color, combining the traditional femininity of pink with the warmth of gold, and that’s made it a star player in a number of styles that have popped up in the last few years. The color is gorgeous on your walls, and it’s likely to be as gorgeous in your hair.

With the Right Stylist, Rose Gold Can Shine on Anyone

Rose gold is a gorgeous color with lots to give, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one to create. It’s true that there are many at-home hair kits that you can use to create a rose gold hair color, but at-home kits pack a lot of uncertainty even with traditional hair colors such as black and brown. If you mess up a rose gold color, you’re likely to end up with something that you didn’t want, often too yellow or too red, and then it’s up to your stylist to correct it. Instead, book an appointment at an Ogle School salon. You’ll get a beautiful rose gold hair color with no need to make corrections.


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The metal rose gold has been in vogue for over a century, but its delicately pink color has made it a beloved staple in fashion over the last few years. That fashion context has continued to extend into all kinds of uncommon areas, and one of those areas is hair color. If you’re looking to get into the next big thing before the rest of the crowd, you’re definitely looking for rose gold hair. The best thing is that enough people have worn it that you can be sure it’ll look gorgeous. Find a picture of someone with a rose gold hairstyle that you love and bring it with you to your Ogle School salon appointment.

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