Rose Gold Hair: The Unexpected New Trend

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Rose Gold Hair: The Unexpected New Trend

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Hairstyle trends seem to come and go at a moment’s notice, and one of the most unique hairstyle trends we’ve seen recently has been rose gold hair. Rose gold is a unique sheen that is like a very light yellowish pink, and although you may not have seen anyone with the hair color just yet, stylists have been noticing it on the horizon for months now. Rose gold hair is definitely the next big thing. Here’s why.

Light Colors Are In

Bold colors have been prominent for quite a few years now—hot pink, neon blue, and fire red. However, while these bold dye jobs definitely aren’t going to be leaving the cultural milieu anytime soon, they tend to indicate a strong, bold personality as well. The neon look isn’t always as helpful for the introverted crowd, and more pastel colors, including rose gold, can be a better option.

A Light Dye Can Fade into a Beautiful Ombre

The ombré look can be a great way to avoid showcasing that you’ve missed your most recent salon job, and creating an ombré look from the ground up is a great way to create a low-maintenance hairstyle that you may not need to visit the hairstylist every few weeks to maintain. Just let the stylist know that you’re looking for an ombré with rose gold at the bottom and your natural hair color at the top.

Rose Gold Is Taking the World by Storm

Rose gold got its start in jewelry. Rose gold was originally the name for a gold alloy that uses a bit of copper to create a pink appearance, and it’s been popular in jewelry and home décor for many years now. The color itself, however, has seemed to be popping up just about everywhere. The soft, delicate color, which combines traditional femininity in pink and warmth in gold, has made it a great addition to all sorts of styles over the last few years.

With the Right Stylist, Rose Gold Can Shine on Anyone

There are some at-home hair kits that you might be able to use to create a rose gold hair color, but even for traditional colors, like black and brown, at-home kits can come with a lot of uncertainty. Rose gold colors can easily lean into being too yellow or too red. And if you mess up the application process, a stylist will have to correct it. Consider booking an appointment at an Ogle School salon to get that beautiful rose gold with no corrections required.


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Rose gold has been around as a metal for over a century, and its specialty pink color has made it a fashion staple for many years now. Hair color is one of the most unique places where you can find rose gold nowadays, and if you want to get into this “next big thing,” rose gold hair is the place to be. When you find the right picture of someone with a rose gold hairstyle that you love, you can bring it to your Ogle School salon appointment to get exactly the right look.

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