Should You Change Your Makeup Palette With the Seasons?

should makeup palettes be seasonal?
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There are lots of guides out there to creating the right makeup palette based on any season. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, certain colors and combinations just make sense for certain seasons. You can certainly include those colors into your makeup palettes when the season rolls around. But should you? Here’s everything you might want to think about when you’re considering it.

Why Might You Want to Stay the Same Year-Round?

Some people don’t change their makeup palettes for the different seasons. These tend to be the most prominent reasons why they don’t.

It’s Easier

Put simply, it’s much easier to just use the same makeup palette all year round. If you use the same products and colors the whole year round, you don’t have to switch back and forth between two, three or even four different palettes. You can set up auto-delivery for your must-have products and make sure you always have the basics because those basics never change.

It Lets You Find a Look That Works

Whenever you change up your makeup palette, you have to find a look that works with your personal style using that palette. That might mean matching your skin undertone to the palette at hand or it may mean finding out how to match your favorite dress to the colors for the new season. With just one simple palette, you only have to find one or two looks you can always use.

It Helps You Build a Personal Brand

Your brand might be “the one who changes makeup a lot,” but you might also want to use your makeup to create that personal brand image. It doesn’t mean you have to wear the exact same makeup every single day. But with a single palette you use year-round, you’re going to develop a general set of colors that most people will associate with you.

Why Might You Want to Change?

Of course, on the other side, some people do mix up their colors as the seasons start to change. These reasons might just sway you to do the same.

It Gives You More Looks

When you use colors and patterns all across the spectrum, you have more looks to try on every season. If you’re someone who loves to truly experiment with design and find new things that work, this is the perfect way to do it. Once you go in and really try it out, you might find five or six different looks you can play with every season.

It Keeps You on the Cutting Edge of Style

Though the safety of a single makeup palette can be nice, it’s equally nice to be able to quickly attach to new styles and designs as soon as they’re released. Fashion trends almost always follow the seasons, and having different makeup palettes for different seasons gives you unique access to the looks that will be hot in the upcoming months.

It Allows You to Expand Your Horizons

If you choose to change your palette every few months, you’re quickly going to become very good at a variety of different makeup looks. That can give you a creative edge over people who don’t change their palettes very frequently. Creative freedom and the ability to master many different talents can be essential in the world of cosmetology, so you definitely want to consider it.


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These approaches are right for everyone: if you absolutely hate the idea of changing every season or staying the same all year round, you don’t have to do it. But if you find yourself gravitating toward one or the other, try it out and see if you love it.

If you discover you absolutely love changing up your makeup palette because you love how much you’re able to learn from it, or if you want to learn more about makeup so you can utilize your knowledge for yourself and others, consider a cosmetology program. The Ogle School cosmetology program will help you develop these incredible talents so you can capitalize on them and make your passion into a career.

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