Side Braid Tutorial – Hair Hacks by Ogle School

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Side Braid Tutorial – Hair Hacks by Ogle School

At Ogle School, we like to look good, but sometimes, we don’t want to put in the time or energy for a complicated hairstyle. That’s why we embrace “hair hacks” that take just minutes to create and result in a hairstyle that’s on point.

This side braid is a perfect look for a casual day around town or for a trip to the beach. As a bonus, this style is actually best if you haven’t washed your hair in a day or two because the hair’s natural oils help to hold the braid together. So that means that you can embrace the lazy, and still look good!

The over-the-shoulder side braid was designed for longer hair, but those with medium-length hair can achieve a similar look.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through each step on how to style your hair in a casual side braid.


Brush and Texturize: Start by brushing your hair out. Depending on your hair’s texture and how recently you’ve washed it, your hair may be fine as is. But if you need a volume boost, add some dry shampoo to your hair’s crown, and and texturizing spray to its lengths. In particular, if your hair is squeaky clean, the texturizing spray will help the braid hold together.

Prep and Braiding: Use a comb to create a straight three-quarters side part. Then brush all of your hair to one side, smoothing around the back of your head so that all of your hair is over one shoulder.

Starting at the part, take a small section of hair next to your forehead and French braid along the hairline.

Finishing the First Section: Continue the braid, gathering new sections of hair as you go, until you reach your ear. From here, do a single straight braid down the rest of the length and secure it with an elastic.

Larger Braid: Now create a larger braid using the smaller braid as one of the three sections of hair. This braid within a braid adds depth and texture, making it an interesting look despite being so easy to do. Secure the entire length with an elastic.

To prevent any escaping hairs, add bobby pins just above your ear and around back at the nape of your neck.

Create Volume: Adjust the braid by gently pulling each of the sections of hair within the braid. Don’t pull so hard that the baid disassembles, but carefully adjust it so that it transforms from a straight braid into a fuller, more interesting weave.

What a great style for kicking it around town! No one will guess how easy it was to create this look, and we certainly won’t give away your secret. And if you’re lazy on the daily, and are looking for other easy to create styles, check out Ogle’s complete set of Lazy Girl Hair Hacks for other hairstyles.

To learn more tips about hair styling or to up your hair game by training to become a professional hairstylist in as little as 11 months, visit Ogle School of Cosmetology.

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