13 Signs That You Are a Future Makeup Artist

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13 Signs That You Are a Future Makeup Artist

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There are many people out there who are interested in beauty in one way or another. However, within the world of cosmetology, a special type of person might be interested in becoming a makeup artist.

Makeup artists are a bit like magicians. As a makeup artist, you’ll be able to transform people, and you’ll know a dozen different ways to make up any face, depending entirely on how the client wants the end result. You might already be in love with the amount of control that makeup gives you over your appearance.

Sure, a love for makeup is already a great starting point for becoming a makeup artist, but there are many other signs that can clue you in. Here are 13 great ways to know that you might be the perfect person to become a makeup artist.

1. Forget about the “regular” Barbie dolls. As a kid, you were known to beg your parents for those big standalone Barbie heads so you could practice all kinds of makeup looks and styles on that Barbie.

2. Once you finished with the “play” makeup that came with your Barbie head, you might have taken a look into your mom’s makeup bag. You may even have ended up on your mom’s bad side for accidentally using some of her expensive department-store lipstick.

3. Sure, your parents may have said, “No makeup until high school,” but that didn’t deter you from looking your best. If you were obsessed with Lip Smackers in elementary school, it’s probably because that was the closest you had to makeup.

4. You’re the person who’s totally happy to be wearing some kind of current, difficult, standout makeup trend, like blue lipstick, rainbow eyeshadow, or neon blush.

5. You’re addicted to makeup tutorials on YouTube. The more extreme, the better. This is already preparing you for learning makeup in cosmetology school.

6. You’re prepared to do some research for the right professional makeup school. Just like any other type of higher education, makeup schools require research.

7. The idea of paying for good schooling isn’t daunting for you. A full course at an accredited school can be just as expensive as other types of trade schools.

8. Whenever your friends need makeup for something important, from prom to a first date, they go to you. You’ve lost track of the number of times you’ve gotten a frantic, “Hey, do you have an hour?” text.

9. Picture this: Your friend has chosen a strapless gown for her wedding, but she has a giant backpiece tattoo. Of course, you instantly know how to cover it.

10. You’re also the go-to person to do things like cover pimples and dark undereye circles. Your knowledge of color theory will help in your journey toward becoming a makeup artist.

11. You already know that makeup is about more than just pretty colors. You want to learn how to work with many different skin types, as well as how to cover birthmarks, scars, and other skin abnormalities.

12. You aren’t just interested in makeup. You’re also interested in careers surrounding makeup, such as film, photography, and fashion.

13. You’re inspired by turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. In your eyes, makeup is a truly magical tool.

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If one or all of these things are true, you might want to check out the Ogle School cosmetology program. Turn your passion into a job today.

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