Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials

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Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials

Snapchat filters have become like digital makeup that we can easily don to reflect the moment and our mood. There’s no preparation needed because the technology does the work of creating the new persona.

The challenge comes when we want to bring that Snap style back into real life. This digital crossover happened at New York Fashion Week when the brand Desigual dressed its models in Snapchat couture.

Luckily, with some makeup tips and costume design guidance, you too can create the look of a real-life Snapchat filter.

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Using a single butterfly template, trace and cut 8 to 10 butterflies from yellow paper. Add subtle markings on each butterfly’s wings and the butterfly body; you can use markers or paint in a shade of tan or pale orange. Once dry, attach adhesive rhinestones to your butterflies for added sparkle.

Fold each of the butterfly wings so the flat pieces of paper take on that butterfly flutter. Using a hot glue gun, attach the center of each butterfly to a bobby pin. Let cool.

Style your hair like the true nature girl that you’re about to become. Clip the butterflies around the crown of your head using a random pattern, as though they just casually landed there. Then, add some glitter to your skin as though you just emerged from a magical forest.


Build your puppy ears using plush brown and pink fabric, formed on a wire frame and mounted to a headband. Or for the less crafty folk, look online or in costume shops to find a set of ears to buy.

For the makeup, start with some blush to give yourself a rosy-cheeked look. Begin by outlining your puppy nose and snout shapes using a white eyeliner pencil. Using light brown face paint (eyeliner or eyeshadow can work in a pinch), shade in the snout shape to be darker around the edges with lighter highlights closer to your own nose. Using a darker brown color, shade in your puppy nose, leaving a bright highlight to accentuate the snout. Add some puppy freckles on your cheeks.

Optional puppy tongue: We’ve seen the puppy filter recreated authentically with the tongue added, and a modified version with the tongue left out. To create the tongue, stare straight ahead and outline a long tongue shape that extends onto your neck. Color the shape in with a light red face paint. Add a darker centerline and white highlights to add a three-dimensional appearance.

Put it all together with your puppy ears to rock the canine cuteness.


Start with a uniform layer of foundation. Add contouring by using a dual-ended foundation stick. Using the lighter tone, add highlights under the eyes, along the cheekbones and your T-zone. Use the darker tone (1 to 2 shades deeper than your usual shade) to contour under the cheekbones and along the hairline. Apply matching pressed powder to set and reinforce your contouring.

For your eyes, start by filling in your brows as usual. Use a neutral, earth-tone eyeshadow to color your lids. Shape eyes using a black gel liner and a slanted silicone applicator. Draw a graduated winged liner and extend the inner corner a few centimeters. (Optional: False lashes can add to your fluttery doe appearance.) Blend white grease makeup just below each eye to brighten up the look, and line the lower waterline with a white eyeliner pencil.

Create the deer’s white spot markings along the highlighted areas of your face: cheekbones, across the bridge of the nose and the top of the forehead. To create the deer’s nose, use black grease makeup to color the very bottom of the nose and around the nostrils. This shading can vary based on your nose size and shape. For your lips, add black lipstick to the top lip only. Complete the rosy look with pink gloss on the bottom lip.

Now that your makeup is done, style you hair or put on a wig with a wavy bob or pixie cut. Add a headband that is outfitted with deer ears, antlers and flowers. Your fawn-fashion look is now Snapchat ready!

Follow along with our makeup instructor for a step-by-step video on creating this look.

Flower Crown

You’ll need a couple colors of paper to create the five-layered flowers in this flower crown: white, yellow, pale yellow, pink and green. Using white, pale yellow and pink paper, stack three sheets of the same color together and cut a petal shape with about 8 to 10 petals. Slightly rotate each layer of the cut flowers to fill in the spaces. Lightly fold the upper layers to create depth. Cut a yellow circle that will be the flower’s center and adhere all of the layers together. Repeat for remaining flowers. Using green paper, cut leaf shapes that can be arranged among your flowers.

Note: Instead of making paper flowers, you can also collect some similarly-styled artificial flowers to create a similar effect.
Build your crown by using a headband or a ribbon that can be tied at the nape of your neck under your hair. Create a tight flower arrangement with petals and leaves overlapping, and adhere it together.

For your face makeup, use a lighter-tone foundation and add a soft pink blush to the apple of your cheeks to create a luminous look. Add brightening powder to the bridge of your nose and brow. Use a light pink shimmery gloss for your lips.

Put on your newly-made crown and you’ll feel like a flower child in this real-life Snapchat filter that debuted during Coachella.


The bold looks of zebra stripes works on the runway, and it works for a night out at the clubs. This modified zebra does not paint the skin to white. Instead, the bold black stripes are added over your skintone for a half-animal, half-person mashup.

Start by evening out your skin tone with foundation. Add lighter-tone highlights to the bridge of your nose and the apple of your cheeks. Use black face paint (or eyeliner) to create a darkly shaded cat eye, filling nearly to your brow. Frame the eyes with a crisp upturn at your temples and a sharp downturn at your nose.

Use bold calligraphic strokes to create two lines on each cheek that mirror the swoop of your eyes. Add a geometric triangular stroke starting below the lip line and extending beyond the bottom curve of the chin.

Leave your lips bare, and practice your wild animal stare.

Rhinestone Glam

Add some sparkle to your style by gathering a collection of multicolored rhinestones. Using a lighter-tone foundation, brighten up the skin along your cheekbones, brow and bridge of your nose. Set with powder.

Add some shimmery eyeshadow. Outline your eyes with a smokey black liner. (Optional ultra glam: Add a pair of fake eyelashes to further accentuate your eyes.)

Use gemstone rhinestones and affix in a pattern around your eyes using eyelash glue. Tweezers can be helpful with positioning the stones.
Use a hot pink lipstick to complete the 1980s-inspired bedazzled glam look.


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