Creating Social Media Posts to Showcase Your Products Online

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beauty product still life

Creating Social Media Posts to Showcase Your Products Online

beauty product still life
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Showcasing Your Products

Marketing on social media is virtually all controlled by algorithms. So, if you’re into beauty products, you’ll see a lot of beauty-related content. Social media platforms often know which products and images you’re interested in online by what you regularly view, like, follow, and engage with, which can feel a little eerie but are also very convenient. You hardly have to do any agile searching to find what you’re looking for because the information and things you’re interested in appear in your feed.

In recent years, Instagram and Tik Tok have become online venues inundated with ads and influencers selling up products and services. Separating yourself takes creativity, and if you’re marketing the product yourself, maybe a bit of charisma. 

If you’re a business trying to garner more followers, likes, clients, and buyers, then it’s essential to show your products and services in the best light, literally and figuratively speaking. 

Kim Kimble is a hairstylist who promotes natural hair enhancement and style. Before Kimble launched her Wigs, Weave, Extension Line, she established herself as a trusted and coveted stylist. Her three new products are against a bubblegum pink backdrop with sudsy water evoking a sense of relief and freshness. 

Attribution: @kimblehaircare

In a video posted by GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow walks us through her step-by-step morning skincare routine, showcasing GOOP’s products. The video appears candid, and you get the sense that Gwyneth Paltrow believes in the products. Yet, the video is well-edited; there are captions in the videos, closeups of the products, and shots of Gwyneth Paltrow applying the product while she describes the purpose for each product.

Attribution: @Goop

The Megababe is all about banishing discomfort with her anti-chafe stick. The Thigh Rescue Anti-Friction Stick is placed in the center of a summery still life, contrasted by a picnic blanket. The image is colorful, focuses on the product, and shows all the summer essentials in one shot. 

Attribution: @megababe

Each previously mentioned product is featured differently. The main thing the images all have in common is the products are photographed well. The lighting is good, and while the Megababe and Kim Kimble’s examples are each a colorful and bright still life, GOOP’s color palette is more muted in the video. Still, you can see that it looks professional and all of the products are in focus. 

The takeaway is investing in a good camera and collecting branding images online that have high customer engagement and look professional and happy-looking. Draw inspiration from companies that have success online. Notice how each product implements colors that align with its brand image. If your company is full of treasures like candles and botanicals and your brand aesthetic is more earthy and moody, then the photos don’t have to be happy-looking; however, they still need good lighting and compelling compositions. 

Are you an aspiring esthetician or hairstylist? Do you have dreams of creating customized products that you feel can contribute to the beauty industry? For more information on all the steps you can take to fulfill your dreams, check our Ogle School’s beauty industry archives, or apply now to become an Ogle School student.  

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