How to soothe and calm red skin

Spa Skin Care Beauty WomanThere are a lot of contributing factors when caring for sensitive skin. The climate the client lives in, their genetic makeup and inflammatory response (whether it be from the immune system or nervous system) and their barrier function, which is our skin’s protection from outside elements and maintenance in preventing transepidermal water loss.

When searching for products to help sensitive skin, you should look for products that contain ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and help restore the lipid barrier. Dermalogica has nailed it when it comes to sensitive skin products for daily use. Their Ultracalming Cleanser for instance, contains raspberry-fruit extract, lavender extract and cucumber extract, which all have very calming properties. Not only is the cleanser calming, but you don’t even have to rinse it. The product can be gently wiped off making it the perfect cleanser for sensitized skin.

Another awesome product from their Ultracalming line is Barrier Repair. The name explains itself; it helps reinforce our skin’s barrier function, which is the lipid barrier that helps protect from outside elements and helps hold in our hydration.

When a client experiences redness, the key is to calm and cool.

  • Apply a cold towel and do cold compresses
  • Avoid heat and perspiration
  • Look for products with ingredients that are rich in essential fatty acids
  • Look for products that overall contain less ingredients
  • Stay away from products that contain alcohol or retinoid.
  • Avoid fragrance

Sensitive skin care revolves around cooling and calming the skin, balancing the pH and restoring the barrier function in the skin.

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