Stephanie Nevels: Beautiful Stories

Why Ogle?

They gave us everything we needed to know for our foundation, and then they kind of built on from phase 1 up, it was just an amazing learning experience. We learned pretty much everything, well rounded, that we needed to know.

What obstacles did you face during your schooling?

During school I was a mom too, when I started my son was 6 months old, and during school I actually went through a divorce, became a single mom, all throughout school, little struggles here and there but it wasn’t too crazy.

What advice would you offer someone in a similar situation?

It gets better, it definitely gets better. Just stick with it, just take it day by day. The girls that you … Anyone that you’re going to school with, you’re going to build such a strong relationship, and they’re going to be there to support you, and motivate you, and you build great relationships in school to kind of help you through the hard times as well.

What did you find to be most rewarding?

Being there for your clients, and for them to look at you, and to thank you, and just be so appreciative of what you do for them, that’s definitely the most rewarding for me

What did you enjoy most about your clients?

Your clients, they’re going to be your best friends. You’re going to know everything about each other, they are just so rewarding, and loving, and they’re loyal. It’s awesome.

Describe a time you feel you had a significant impact on someone?

I actually … It was in school and I had a mom come in, and she had just finished up her last round of chemo, and so very thinning hair, kinda greyish, just kind of a dull color. I got to sit her in my chair, give her a fresh color, fresh look, a nice blow out, and she was in my chair just bawling because how beautiful that she felt afterwards. That was the best feeling, nothing can replace that, it was amazing.

What advice would you give to students on how to market themselves?

When you’re out in public, or looking for new clientele, sell your look. Have your hair done, your makeup done, make it look like you are a hair stylist. If you just look like an everyday person, no one’s going to know. Everyone you meet, talk to them.


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This was Stephanie’s

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