styling your hair with hats

Styles for Long Hair to Use With Hats This Winter

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It’s common for people to wear hats during the winter, especially because it can help protect your hair from the cold air. The problem is, wearing a hat with long hair can seem difficult, especially if you want to style your long hair. What are you supposed to do to make sure you have beautiful long hair with your hat? Here are a few of the styles you can use to have gorgeous hair and a great look.

Fishtail Pigtails

Turn the little-girl charm of pigtails into something you can use as an adult by making them fishtail pigtails. Fishtails are a great addition to any pigtail, and the best part is that they’re relatively easy once you learn how to do them. Plus, because they use the lower area of your pigtails, they’re a great option to avoid hat issues.

Swipe to the Side

One great way to spice up a hairstyle is just to pull all your hair to one side, letting it hang exclusively on that side. You can make sure the style stays that way by adding bobby pins across the back of your hair. The hat should hide most of the bobby pins, and you can use decorative bobby pins if you don’t want to hide the look.

Low Pony With Barrette

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Anyone who just wants to make their ponytail a little more interesting may want to consider using a strong barrette instead of a ponytail holder. Low ponytails are hugely popular, especially during the winter, and using a barrette instead of a ponytail holder gives you a bit more style and can be less damaging than ponytail holders.

Low Space Buns

Space buns are one of the most beloved hairstyles out there, but most people think of them as being high up on the head—after all, that’s where space buns got their name initially. However, it’s possible to position space buns anywhere on your head. Put them very low and wear a hat that rides higher up on the head to avoid any issues.

Faux Bangs

What if you’re looking for a way to fake some bangs for a day? Hats actually give you all the tools you need to accomplish this. You can create faux side-swept bangs by making a deep side part, then making sure your hat rests over the part. Style your hair like normal, keeping in mind the new “bangs” you have with this style.

Accent Braids

If you want to leave your hair down like normal, you might want to consider adding accent braids to the hairstyle. Essentially, you just add tiny braids all around your hair, then backcomb the ends and hairspray them slightly so they don’t fall out. It’s the perfect add-on to any “beachy waves” hairstyle, which you might want to use to bring some summery vibes into your winter looks.

Tip: Add Knit Caps and Beanies to Any Style

One way you can make your long hair easy to style in the winter is to lean heavily on knit caps and beanies. As long as you’re mostly styling the bottom half of your hair, knit caps and beanies are a great choice because they’re an unobtrusive choice that keeps your head warm and can be easier to take off and put back on.


styling your hair with hats
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Wearing a long hat during the winter doesn’t have to preclude great hairstyles. You can have all sorts of winter styles that look incredible. If you seem to be a natural at crafting new and interesting hairstyles to put under any type of hat, you might want to look into the cosmetology program at Ogle School to turn your natural inclination into a career.

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