The 7 Best Beauty Bloggers in Houston

The 7 Best Beauty Bloggers in Houston

Best Houston beauty bloggers
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It’s not easy for everyone to find the right skirt to pair with the right shirt. These Houston beauty bloggers can help you find something that ties you to your roots but still leaves room for experimentation. If you find them inspirational, consider looking into a cosmetology program at Ogle School Houston.

Sara Oberton | Haute and Humid

Sara Oberton

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The title of this blog was directly inspired by the weather in Houston, which Sara describes as “hot and humid.” Born in Iowa and raised in Wisconsin, she might not fit the typical Houston blueprint, but her love of Southern hospitality and emphasis on family certainly does. Her hands tend to be full with her two young kids, but Sara knows how to make a fashion statement; her blog focuses on making sure that you can effortlessly maintain your personal fashion, regardless of your energy levels or time availability.

2. Dede Raad | Dress Up Buttercup

Dede Raad

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If there’s one thing that sums up Dede, it’s the fact that she describes her childhood as always looking forward to Sunday, just so she could plan the cutest church outfit. For two years, she worked as a wedding planner in the same venue where she married her husband, and that experience has influenced her personal style. Now, she sports a look that’s elegant and refined but doesn’t look too polished. Take a page from her book, and you can create a high-impact look without coming off as pretentious.

3. Agatha Ashiofu | Irony of Ashi

Agatha Ashiofu

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With her penchant for bright colors, bold patterns, and daring styles, Agatha is on the cusp of fashion at all times. She posts frequently about not just her personal style, but also about how she discovered that style, allowing you to, in turn, discover your own styles. She’s active on a number of social media accounts and continues to write occasional blog posts that detail her journey toward her own fashion. Agatha’s style is perfect if you’re less interested in delicacy and more interested in making a statement.

4. Emily Herren | Champagne & Chanel

Emily Herren

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Many beauty bloggers start their careers because their families instilled a love of fashion into them from a young age; for Emily, it was quite the opposite. As a recent college graduate, she’s been consistently finding her style, reclaiming a love of fashion that she says was rarely celebrated in her family growing up. Her young age, combined with the fact that she’s a recent college graduate, means that she has a uniquely millennial style that’ll likely resonate with many readers.

5. Tiffany Jais | Flaunt and Center

Tiffany Jais

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Tiffany learned most of what she knows while working as a hairstylist, and that professional information shines through in everything she puts forward. As fashion is always evolving, Tiffany believes that she should as well; she personally curates everything that’s presented on Flaunt and Center, and she even takes most of her Instagram pictures using her iPhone. Tiffany is the perfect place to go for classic designs with a uniquely modern twist.

6. Jillian Goltzman | Cup of Charisma

Jillian Goltzman

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Although every beauty blogger wants to make their readers’ lives easier, Jillian is trying to form it into a genuine movement. Her work doesn’t end at her blog posts; she’s worked with Women in Distress, Best Buddies, NO MORE, and Houston Area Women’s Center to try to create a better world for all fashion lovers. Whether you’re interested in social transparency or you just want some insight into what dress to wear tonight, Jillian has something for you.

7. Kate Blue | For the Love of Fancy

Kate Blue

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Kate is a Houston native, and although she briefly moved to Pennsylvania to pursue a major in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, she now lives in Houston with her husband and daughter. For the Love of Fancy started as just a personal hobby, but soon spiraled into the genuine venture that it is today. Finding the perfect “mom look” is something that Kate tries to do every day, and her blog is a testament to the way you can create effortless outfits without sacrificing fashion.


Houston beauty bloggers to follow
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Trendy, classy, or edgy, these beauty bloggers may be just the thing you need to bring your beauty routine to the next level. If you’re looking for something a bit more customized, consider checking out Ogle School’s blog for more on how to look your best.

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