The Best Trendy Bangs for Your Face Shape

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Bangs are an exciting way to spice up your hairstyle. However, adding bangs is a significant step. If you don’t like them, you’re stuck until they grow out. Thus, it’s important to determine what will look best on you before you go into the salon and ask for a specific style. One of the best ways to choose a flattering style is to consider your face shape. Find your face shape and try these bangs on for size.


Round faces tend to be softer, with less definition to the chin, cheeks, and jaw. They’re also usually shorter and wider than other face shapes. Rather than accentuating the roundness of the face, you want a bang style that’ll lengthen your facial features and create more structure to draw from.

There are two different and equally trendy directions you could go with this. Micro bangs are a huge hit for people with round faces; they make the forehead seem longer, and they pair very well with ultra-short styles. If you want a longer style, consider a side-swept bang. These bangs give your face more angles and draw the eye down for a lengthier look.


You can characterize a heart-shaped face with its high cheekbones, often a prominent forehead, and a smaller chin. However, heart-shaped faces tend to be softer, with less sharp points and more rounded edges. That means you need something that’ll accentuate your cheekbones and elongate your chin a bit.

A super trendy look for heart-shaped faces is wispy bangs. With a blunt, wispy bang, you’ll draw attention to all the right places. You just need to make sure that the bangs fall at around your eyebrow, and they taper off just enough to be see-through near the ends.


If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face shape, you’re pretty much rocking the ideal shape for bangs. Although there are great benefits to every face shape, oval shapes are very versatile, which makes them perfect for the type of experimentation that bangs allow.

For people with oval face shapes, getting bangs can be as easy as choosing a picture online and talking to a stylist. The best stylists will be able to adapt that picture to your features and hair style. Textured bangs are a great on-trend bang style. They have a bit of a carefree look to them that pairs well with a medium-length “beachy waves” style.


A square face, also called a rectangular face, has a forehead, jawline, and cheekbones that are all the same width, usually paired with sharp angles. The key here is to make sure you choose a bang style that’s soft and gentle so that you don’t enhance the sharpness of your facial features.

One of the best ways to do that is with tousled bangs. These bangs tend to have a little lift in them, but are generally short. Pair them with a shoulder-length cut that includes lots of curls and waves to take advantage of the bouncy, soft nature of the style.


Essentially, this is just an oval face that’s lengthened a bit. That means those with a long face shape can benefit from a variety of bang styles. If you want the most out of your bangs, though, it’s a good idea to find one that doesn’t add additional length.

Thus, you can benefit from one of the most traditional bang shapes: classic thick blunt bangs. Rather than going for the wispiness of bangs for a heart-shaped face or cutting back on length like with a round face, you want to try for longer bangs if possible. By covering up more of your forehead, you can create the illusion of a shorter face.


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Bangs are great for anyone, no matter their face shape or hair length. If you want to try out bangs, you should definitely go for it. Just make sure you’ve done enough research to determine a look that you’ll love. Remember, this is a big change, so let the experts help you out. Book an appointment at an Ogle School salon in your area to ensure that your transition into bangs is as painless as possible.

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