The Best Way to Work Glitter Into Your Everyday Looks

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Glitter has always been an enduring trend, but it’s coming back thanks to a resurgence of interest in glitz and glam. However, you have to be careful with it. If you don’t ensure you’re doing something a bit understated, you’re going to call attention to yourself in a big way. Although some people like rocking the prom look at all hours of the day, others like to fade into the background a bit. If you’re part of the latter group, you need some ways to add in that glitter without looking like a disco ball. Here are the top ways to work glitter into everyday makeup.

Glittery Colored Eyeliner

Colored eyeliner is one of the newest and hottest trends on the scene right now, and it’s even better when you spice it up a bit with some glitter. Colored eyeliner is already a little out there, but adding glitter to it takes it to the next level. It’s easy to go overboard with this, but if you use it as the sole accent mark in your makeup, with nude lipstick and eyeshadow otherwise, it can be an exciting twist on your everyday look.

Neutral Glittery Eyeshadow

Neutral eyeshadow has always been a popular way to add some depth to your look without going overboard. Brown and beige shades are a good way to create an everyday makeup look, especially if you don’t like to draw too much attention. Instead of a matte shadow, pick up a bit more of a glittery shadow for this one. It adds sparkle while still being neutral.

Glitter Nail Polish

Forget the makeup; focus on your nails for this one. Nail polish is an incredible way to add a bit of style to any look, especially because polish can usually pass under the radar. For a noticeable glitter, you can choose a colored polish with large sparkles. To keep things subtle, try a clear topcoat that has small glitter flecks. If you’re in the mood to play around, you may even want to try nail art that accentuates those little pieces of glitter. Otherwise, match the color to your outfit or makeup for a less noticeable glimmer.

Glitter on the Inner Eye Corners

If you’re looking to delve into straight-up glitter on your skin, get some body-safe glitter and try adding just a dab on the inner corners of your eyes. This works best if you pair it with a subdued look and blend it into the rest of your eyeshadow. It’s just interesting enough for people to pay attention, but not so exciting that people think you’re going to a party later.

Glitter Sunscreen

This is one of the most interesting ways to use glitter, especially since it’s relatively new. That’s right; you can buy sunscreen that comes with glitter already added. It also protects your skin from the sun, as an added bonus. The best places to use this sunscreen are on your shoulders if you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt or your neck and collar if you’re not. To subdue the look even more, use your glitter sunscreen on only these highlights, and then supplement with your normal sunscreen everywhere else.


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It’s actually not that difficult to work glitter into your everyday fashion. In fact, with the way people are starting to bring the glimmer back, it’s rarely odd enough to warrant a double-take, although you may get a few extra compliments. Instead of avoiding glitter because you’re worried about coming off as too over-the-top, make sure you’re using it subtly, and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re going to a special event, however, you need an even more practiced hand. After all, you have to show some finesse, and creating that beautiful design is sometimes easier said than done. For those special dates, book an Ogle School salon trip. It’s much easier to rely upon the experts than it is to try to create an amazing look using only your homegrown skills and a YouTube tutorial. That way, you’ll be shimmering for the world to see and appreciate.

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